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Destination wedding

Why Paris is a perfect place to plan your wedding in Paris?

Getting married in Paris, living a romance in Paris or leave a country to elope in Paris is one of the most romantic theme we can find in our theaters. Because yes, Paris is as awesome as we can see in our screens… During my summer day, I am writing this article for you to make your dream wedding in Paris come true, Let’s go!

Why choosing Paris for my wedding or ceremony?

First of all, we can’t deny the beauty of this city. The buildings and the monuments are the print of Paris history and architecture. How not to fall in love with those typical and so charming streets? Imagine a shooting in Paris for your wedding in the most beautiful districts of the City such as Montmartre, the Louvre Museum with the Tuileries or Notre Dame.. Lovely!


Paris has also an incredible suburb full of amazing and lovely places. The suburb of Paris is very big and you will be able to find a peaceful place for your wedding such as the Château de Villette. You can decide to be very near Paris or to take the road and go in the Seine et Marne area where a lot of farm buildings such as The Moulin de Launoy and small mansions will welcome you and your guests.

Also, Paris is very easy to reach thanks to its two main airport and all its train stations. You can come very easily from all around the world. If you want to join the suburbs from Paris, there will be only 20mins by car.

Why is it so exclusive to plan my wedding in Paris?

For its gastronomy and excellent wines… be sure of that! Paris and France has an excellent notoriety for its “cuisine”. You will find an incredible list of restaurants which will offer you to discover French meals and wines during your stay in the city and during your wedding of course.
And what about cheese? It is well-known that France has an astonishing list of delicious cheeses to combine with wines and Champagne to harmonize the flavours.

From French Gastronomy to World Cuisine, you will have plenty of choice to fit to your wishes. For typical Parisian restaurants, we can list a few names like the Restaurant Lapérouse (Notre Dame district), La Girafe (Eiffel Tower district) or the sumptuous terrace of the terrace of the Shangri-La Five stars Hotel. You can also have a look to the Guide Michelin to have the list of the starred-restaurants.

Restaurant Lapérouse

In Paris, you have also incredible and beautiful hotels which can be your accommodation during your stay in Paris but also the venue of your wedding. We cannot talk about hotels without talking about the Bristol, the Intercontinental, Le Marois or the Shangri-La Hotel… Extraordinary places full of magic and charm.

While talking about venues, we can also talk about private mansions in Paris itself! Amazing places where you will be able to plan your weddings sometimes in the most hidden place in the city. Being in a big city such Paris is also synonym with privacy and peace. But if you are looking after a more original venue, what about a loft? Or a cruise through the Seine by night?

We can’t talk about Paris without saying the word.. SHOPPING! Paris is famous for its shopping streets. Discover the incredible Faubourg St Honore district, very near the Champ-Elysees and the Avenue Montaigne making these streets the Gold TRiangle. You will all the main luxury shops as Chanel, Givenchy, Valentino, Cartier,… If you are a shopping killer, you can also visit the rue de Rennes district with a lot of creator boutiques!

Paris has also an incredible range of activities by day and night. You will find all the activities you need. From a bar-trip with your guests to a night in a jazz club to a cultural visit by night… Do you know that it is possible to visit some monuments by night? You can decide to have a road trip in the city visiting the Dôme of the Invalides or the Arc de Triomphe by night. For those who love being scared, you can visit the Manor of Paris by night… GOOD LUCK!!

Indeed, did you know that it was possible not only to visit the Versailles Castle, but to have diner in one of their restaurant and even to plan a VIP ceremony in their gardens? Have a look at our article about this incredible proposal I planned for my lovely clients!

Here in Paris, don’t be afraid of the weather because you can come all over the year especially if you don’t like hot weather. So what more can be said?

Contact me to start planning your wedding in Paris … Let’s plan an unforgettable moment in this unbelievable city!

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Destination wedding

Make your destination wedding in Paris eco-friendly

Planning your destination wedding in Paris is going to be an incredible moment… Just as you have dreamt it! But, is planning an eco-friendly wedding one of your goals? Can Paris be the destination which can make you reach this goal?You’ll find some tips over here :

What is an eco-friendly wedding? 

A wedding is an important moment for everyone’s life. However, this event can create a lot of wastes which we can avoid. Taking care of our planet has to be our daily goal and it could be done even during such a beautiful moment as a wedding. Creating an eco-friendly wedding is first and foremost a wedding with all the services planned respecting our environment while having an ethical impact on your wedding.
The goal is to not waste too much and to take care of every detail with simple and eco-friendly details… Let’s do it! 

Your Wedding Venue…

Of course! Your wedding venue can also be eco-friendly. The first point is that you can choose a «green » wedding venue. A beautiful mansion with incredible gardens can be an option but you can choose to be original and plan all your wedding outside. Paris has a lot of venues with typical French gardens to enjoy your party.

You can also decide to plan your destination wedding in the South of France or in a country with best weather options such as Spain, Italy, Greece, … By Sabrina can also help you planning your destination wedding abroad France 😉 What about planning a wedding just illuminated by the light of vegetal candles? 

Of course! Your wedding venue can also be eco-friendly. The first point is that you can choose a «green » wedding venue. A beautiful mansion with incredible gardens can be an option but you can choose to be original and plan all your wedding outside. Paris has a lot of venues with typical French gardens to enjoy your party. You can also decide to plan your destination wedding in the South of France or in a country with best weather options such as Spain, Italy, Greece, … By Sabrina can also help you planning your destination wedding abroad France 😉 What about planning a wedding just illuminated by the light of vegetal candles? 

Another point is that you can ask to your venue during the visits how can they help to to make your wedding eco-friendly. It can be a reduction of their wastes, of their energy thanks to solar panels for example. Have in mind that every venue can do something to plan an eco-friendly wedding. What are they doing to reduce their Carbone Neutral Status? What are they policy about plastic? 

For the catering, you can ask to your venue or to your caterer to use as much as possible vegetal and fair-trade ingredients for your menu such as for your wedding cake. Even if you do not want a complete vegan menu, you can make your menu respecting the environment as far as possible. Ask for using fair-trade and recycled material for your cocktail dinner for example.

Your Stationery and Wedding Favors…

These two parts of the planning are the gifts you are going to give to your guests. Indeed, I include the stationery as a wedding gift because it is something that your guests can keep for themselves.

The stationery can be made with recycled paper for example to keep it eco-friendly. You can also decide for the save-the-dates and invitations to send it through e-mail or to send a video for example, paper-free! For the stationery, a lot of new companies have been created and are specialized on recycled paper for example and can propose you an eco-friendly stationery with a lot of beautiful choices! You can also decide to plan to have only one item for your stationery.  

Concerning your wedding favor, prefer items from local shops such as little bottles of olive oil or a potted plant or flower that your guests can keep. 

© Etsy

Your Decoration and Floral Arrangements

Here we go! With the catering, it is the main and most difficult service to keep it eco-friendly. Why? First of all, because we want a lot of flowers for our wedding and it isn’t really eco-friendly. It is the same for our decoration. We can deal with it…

For the flowers, many of you will not have in mind to have no flowers for their wedding. Your policy for your wedding floral arrangement should be no plastic. That’s why you should use vegetal and flowers. We advise you to prepare floral arrangements with flowers of your wedding season.
Also, prefer seasonly and local flowers. You can also use flowers and vegetal which are potted. If you want to use a ritual for your wedding, why not planting a tree? Or throwing dried flowers instead of rice? 

Regarding the decoration, you can decide to focus on the material of your decoration. Prefer recycled materials than plastic always, prefer items that you can re-use or give to your guests. You can also decide to rent your decoration, a lot of items can be rented!  I will be so happy to help you planning your eco-friendly weddings which is for me one of my values… Planning receptions while respecting our planet, that is the idea! 

Want to plan your eco-friendly wedding? Follow the link!



Planning an elopement in Paris during the pandemic crisis

Since February 2020, the entire world has drown itself into a huge pandemic crisis due to the Covid-19. Everything from this moment has been changed: our freedom to travel, to go to a show, to work and even to walk in the city without any protection or to visit our family and friends. Planning an elopement seems to be impossible…

However, we have to be optimistic for the future as all the countries are talking about the vaccine and how we are going to win this huge world battle against the virus.

Proposal Paris Gastronomic Dinner

Paris… A ghost town!

While, before the pandemic crisis, we were looking about public spaces without too much crowd in Paris. Now, Paris has been cleared out of every tourists. Seing the city without tourists can be very beautiful but also very sad… We miss you here in Paris!

Even so, as the vaccine is being prepared and France is being cured of the virus slowly but surely… Let’s have a first look about all the public spaces that you can choose for your public venue for your symbolic ceremony for your elopement in Paris during this pandemic crisis.

Incredible calm public venues

If you want to get married near the Eiffel Tower is maybe the best moment to travel to Paris. Indeed, we have been talking about the Trocadero perfect space for your ceremony in front of the Eiffel Tower. Before the crisis, the number of tourists was so high that it wasn’t possible to plan it in “normal hours”. You were able to do it but before 7am or after 9pm.

Now, or at least this year, without tourists you can have the Trocadero for you to plan a ceremony in front of the Eiffel Tower. Take advantage and plan an intimate elopement in Paris during this pandemic crisis.

And, if you prefer to plan your elopement in a private venue, you will not have to wait a year or more to book your wedding date. The agendas of such venues are.. empty or almost!

You will have the chance to get married in Paris for an outdoor wedding in our beautiful parks. In front of the Eiffel Tower, near the Seine for a romantic walk, in the garden of a museum… Paris has a lot of beautiful gardens for your elopement. Or what about a cruise through the Seine to exchange your vows and enjoy one of the most romantic dinner in Paris?


If you are more for indoor weddings, we will be able to propose you a lot of beautiful indoor venues such as only Paris has: , a typical French private Mansion, a Parisian room, a room with a library, a private room in a gastronomic restaurant…

Paris has the venue for you…

Getting married in Paris during the restrictions

Yes, getting married right now in another country is more difficult than anything… But yes, it is possible.

It is possible because the virus is less important than it could be a few months ago. However we have to take some precautions for your elopement.

Depending on which country you are coming from, you will have to pass the PCR test to be able to enter in France. If you are not sick, that would not be a big problem.

Until today, you won’t be able to plan a big wedding in Paris. For now, wedding are not allowed. That should changed from February/March – to be confirmed by the government – but we can hope to plan elopements for this Summer 2020.

Also, it is going to be the best moment to enjoy Paris and to get married in Paris. Why? Because you will have Paris for you both to plan a perfect and intimate wedding. The intimacy will be perfect for your romantic ceremony too.

Let’s do it, as agreed with what the governments will decide in the next few months, to enjoy our incredible City of Love for your elopement in Paris with Getting Married in Paris!

Do you want to contact me?

Ceremony Destination wedding Elopement Paris Renewal of vows

Why having a symbolic ceremony is the best way to get married in Paris?


Why getting married in Paris?

engagement-photoshoot-dvvevents- getting married in paris 57

Let’s answer to this important question: why getting married in Paris? Why everybody is so in love with Paris? Well, well… Because it is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. I am not telling you that because I am Parisian and I love my city.

Paris has incredible monuments known all around the world such as the Eiffel Tower or the Sacré Coeur, if I have to name two of them. These places are important and very visited but they are also intimate venues all around them. We already planned an incredible elopement with first views over the Eiffel Tower keeping some privacy for the ceremony.

wedding Eiffel Tower - get married in Paris
Amber & Ryan’s wedding near the Eiffel Tower

Paris has full of venues depending on what you want to plan for your ceremony. If you want to plan it near a big monument such as the Eiffel Tower, a park as the Buttes Chaumont or the Tuileries park, a dock to have a complete view over the Seine, an arty venue such as the outside of the Palais de Tokyo,… Of course, I am talking about all free venues because you have much more venues all very different if you have some budget for your ceremony’s venue.

What is a symbolic ceremony?

A symbolic ceremony is maybe the most personal and easy way to get married in Paris. The symbolic ceremony is a ceremony which has no value for the Administration. That is to say you will have to get married “officially” in your own country or in France – but for this option, you will have to prove that you are living in France for example.

A symbolic ceremony can be prepared by yourselves, a friend, a member of your family or a celebrant as me. It is the actual alternative to all religious ceremony or civil ceremony.

In your symbolic ceremony, you will have the complete liberty to plan everything: from your enter in the ceremony to the vows (or not) without forgetting the choice of your ceremony’s venue,… You will be able to choose each element of the ceremony, each text, each song if you want or not,… One word for the symbolic ceremony: L-I-B-E-R-T-Y!

Why having a symbolic ceremony in Paris?

Congratulations! You have decided to plan a symbolic ceremony for your wedding. But why Paris for the symbolic ceremony?

Our beautiful couple for their elopement near the Sacré Coeur – Montmartre

As I told you earlier, having your ceremony in Paris is the choice of the romanticism… Don’t forget that Paris is the City of Love <3 And it is a well-deserved reputation! It can be an elopement or a small wedding, a bigger wedding or a surprise for your loved-one too.

A symbolic ceremony gives us the opportunity to choose the venue of your choice even if we have to be careful. For example, if you want to plan an outdoor ceremony, there will be a limitation of number of guests if you wish to do it in a public space. As a matter of fact, for security reason, it will not be possible to plan it for more than 15 guests. If you are more than 15, it will be easier and safer to plan it in a private venue… You would not like to have the Police invited to your ceremony, right? 😉


Planning a symbolic ceremony is part of my job and some of my Clients just ask me to plan the ceremony and be their celebrant… What about you?

I will be very happy to answer to all your questions, don’t hesitate to contact me –> HERE!

Photographer: Rosina Prod

Engagement session Paris Proposal

A magical proposal at the Château de Versailles…

proposal Paris versailles

As you know, Getting Married in Paris helps you planning your wedding in Paris but not only… We help you planning your proposal in Paris too.

Today, I am going to tell you the story of our Client (who wants to remain anonymous) who planned with us his proposal in Paris, in the magnificient Versailles Castle, the « Château de Versailles » in French.

Proposal in Paris Castle

From Malaysia to Paris: proposal in Paris…

Our Client contacted us directly throught What’s App. On our contact page, you can find directly my phone number which works with What’s App. It is a good way to start talking about your project without waiting our e-mail answer. It is quick and very easy.

We started talking about his proposal in Paris because he wanted to plan something very spectacular for his girlfriend. 

His first idea was to plan a proposal in a rooftop in Paris because he really liked the idea of having a proposal in a beautiful terrace with a lot of flowers and a musician. After, he was planning to have a gastronomic dinner in the same place.

Paris is full of propositions of this kind of proposal. Depending when you plan your proposal, it is possible to rent a rooftop with gorgeous views over the City of Love to enhance your proposal.

The idea was to prepare the proposal in Paris because of the meaning of Paris… Love, romantic place, red flowers, … Our Client received a complete proposal with several venues and the budgetary approach of course.

However, as he really wanted to plan something incredible for his loved-one, I proposed him also Castle proposals… Indeed, the Castle proposal was perfect for his project. In Paris, it is not possible to find a Castle in the city itself. Paris has private mansions, very beautiful with its Parisian style and architecture but not Castles.

Proposal Paris Castle Versailles

The region of Paris is full of gorgeous venues too and we cannot talk of Castles without talking about the Versailles Castle and Vaux-le-Vicomte Castle. Both of them are incredible French Castles and there are a lot more, just near Paris.

The proposal at… the Versailles Castle 

And yes… Our client chose our project for his proposal at the Versailles Castle. He was amazed that he can do it in this historical monument. 

Proposal in Paris Get married in Paris

The Versailles Castle can offer you a lot of possibilities depending your budget. We planned to rent a part of the gardens to enjoy the fireworks by night.

First of all, we planned a romantic dinner in the beautiful restaurant of the Chief Ducasse with a shooting with our photographer. To make it secret, we told them that the package of the gastronomic diner included a photo session 😉 His girlfriend didn’t notice nothing at all !

Proposal Paris Gastronomic Dinner

After this delicious dinner, they went to the garden rented for their event. Previously with our lovely Reflets Fleurs, we had installed a beautiful spot for the proposal. Some flowers, a bottle of Champagne and some macarons for them. Our Client also prepared some papers with their story and his proposal… Very romantic !

And… She said yes ! As the timing was perfect, just at the moment he asked, the fireworks started in the Castle… Imagine the scene : her, being surprised by the proposal and being illuminated by the fireworks !!

Proposal in Paris Getting Married in Paris
Proposal in Paris Castle Fireworks

What about you ?

If you are planning your proposal in Paris, don’t hesitate a minute… Call me or send me a message, I wil be very happy to help you making her or his dream come true 😉


Destination wedding Paris Wedding Venue

Get married in Paris: an Eiffel Tower wedding

get married in Paris

Today, it is the first snow in Paris… So I want to write you about Amber and Ryan small wedding in Paris when the weather was still sunny. They got married near the Eiffel Tower for a romantic sunny day!

Amber and Ryan came from the United States for their destination wedding in Paris. We had been planning and preparing their beautiful day since a few months. Paris had welcome them with an incredible sunny day, perfect conditions for their ceremony near the Eiffel Tower.

wedding Eiffel Tower - get married in Paris

The first contact with DVV Events…

As you may know, a lot of our clients contact us through our blog Getting Married in Paris; that’s the best way to start your destination wedding planning with me. And that’s what Amber and Ryan did. They send us a message through our blog and that’s how the adventure began.

A wedding with the Eiffel Tower as the special guest

Amber and Ryan had one leading word: the Eiffel Tower. They really wanted to have the Eiffel Tower as a special guest of their wedding in Paris and maybe as their main witness.

Getting Married in Paris - Eiffel Tower

Their main idea was to have a beautiful ceremony with views over the Eiffel Tower. As they will be only few guests, the idea of having the ceremony outside was possible if the weather will have been clever with us. To protect the wedding, we decided to plan their outside ceremony with a second option in case of rain. September is one of the most beautiful month to get married in Paris (less crowd, still beautiful weather,…) and we had the chance to plan their ceremony in a secret spot in the Eiffel Tower garden itself! A private spot with a lot of intimacy which was perfect for their wedding in Paris. We had an incredible view over the Eiffel Tower as we were just behind the Parisian monument. What else could we ask?

Kiss Paris - Get married in Paris

A beautiful wedding reception in a private mansion…

After this beautiful and sunny ceremony and after taking some pictures in the docks for example, it was time to discover the wedding venue chosen by our couple for their wedding dinner in Paris.

Amber and Ryan fall in love with a private mansion very near the Eiffel Tower and a special room of this venue. The venue is composed of several rooms, a restaurant and a beautiful garden. In our first idea with the couple, we wanted to plan the ceremony in the garden of the venue. However, the garden’s venue didn’t have a real view over the Eiffel Tower. That’s why, Amber and Ryan had skipped this idea and planned their ceremony in the Eiffel Tower garden.

Their wedding room was a beautiful wedding room with a typical Parisian style decoration and an incredible candelabra which illuminated the place. Amber and Ryan wanted to have a big rectangular table with a lot of flowers and candles. Thanks to our florist designer Reflets Fleurs, we planned an incredible scenography for their dinner shot by Rosina Prod.

get married in Paris - decoration room

Each guest had the opportunity to choose their own menu before the wedding to enjoy as much as possible the wedding dinner in Paris.

We had an incredible time with Amber and Ryan planning their destination wedding in Paris and they were absolutely gorgeous and very in love in our City of Love…

What about you?

If you are planning to get married in Paris, don’t hesitate a second. Paris has a lot of possibilities for your elopement or wedding.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information, I will be thrilled to help you… See you in Paris?


Ceremony Elopement

A romantic elopement in Montmartre


Let’s start another book, another story… I want to tell you the story of this lovely and gorgeous couple who went to Paris to celebrate their elopement in Montmartre. They wanted to celebrate their vows in a beautiful place such as a park with less crowd as possible. They wanted it to be very intimate and romantic because that was their definition of an elopement in Paris, of their elopement in Paris.

Let’s discover how we planned it…


Their intimate elopement in Montmartre

This couple came to me through our blog. As you know, in the page contact, you have all the information you need to contact me through e-mail, phone, What’s App, FaceTime,…

From the beginning of the planning, they wanted to plan an intimate elopement as they didn’t want to have so many people. That’s why we had excluded a ceremony near the big monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, … They wanted to have it in a park, in a beautiful park. I had sent them a few selection of parks but they felt in love with a small square near the Sacré Coeur, in Montmartre. And in fact, which place can be more romantic than Montmartre? An artistic district with the incredible Sacré Coeur which has a gorgeous view over the City.


But as the Sacré Coeur is a very visited place, I had to find a venue with more privacy. That’s why I noticed a very small square near the Sacré Coeur and in the very heart of Montmartre. By celebrating the ceremony early in the morning, we would be sure that this venue will be the perfect place.

The ceremony and the photoshoot

As you may know, I propose to my clients three packages for their elopement. They can add or cancel services in the package they had chosen. The lovely couple had chosen the package with only the ceremony and the photoshoot. Their main goal was to exchange their vows in Paris and to have some pictures of it.

They chose a very beautiful spot in the square, very green as they wanted. Isn’t this place gorgeous? Perfect for an intimate ceremony… During the ceremony, they wanted to exchange their vows alone, with nobody else including the celebrant. The ceremony is tailored for yourself, so you can ask everything… And some privacy for your vows of course!


After the ceremony, our lovely photographer Rosina Prod, shot them in the same area so they can keep a very beautiful souvenir from Paris…

What about your elopement?


If you want to plan your elopement in Paris, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be so happy to help you and to welcome you in my beautiful city Paris…

Contact Me

Renewal of vows

A renewal of vows in Paris: Birgitta & James

Today, in Paris, is not a sunny day! That’s why I would like to write for you an article about Birgitta & James renewal of vows in Paris, last February. That day, we had an incredible sunny day and they were gorgeous!

Birgitta, James… & their family!

Each wedding, each couple has their own history but Birgitta and James have an history full of love and family 🙂

Planning a wedding in Paris being abroad can be so difficult (and you know it quite well!). But Birgitta and James had the full support of their family.
A so beautiful support that we started planning this beautiful event with Birgitta’s daughter!

It is such a beautiful story between this mother and daughter that we had to share it with you…

@Picturing Love

Their sunny renewal of vows
in Paris

Birgitta and James wanted to plan their ceremony and dinner in a venue where they can have incredible views over the city. They didn’t want to have juste one view over Paris but a global view of the city and we found the perfect restaurant… This restaurant is located in a high building and may have the most beautiful views over Paris than in anywhere else! Its views look like the views we can have on the top of the Sacré Coeur (without climbing all the stairs!)

But, first of all, it was important for our lovely couple to plan a shooting in Paris with Birgitta’s daughter family. We had an incredible time with them during this shooting. Our photographer, Picturing Love, did an incredible shooting (as always :-p). She shot Birgitta and James as a couple who were getting married in Paris but also the little family with them as an unite family in Paris! Once, they had done this shooting with the family, Birgitta’s daughter went to the restaurant to welcome all the guests with my assistant on that day. Meanwhile, Birgitta and James continued their little trip in Paris, especially in the district of the Louvre.

At the same time, everything was going perfect in the restaurant. We planned to make the ceremony and the dinner in the same private venue. Sometimes, you only have one room to plan both events. That private room was just incredibly beautiful with a gorgeous view over Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

As I said before, Birgitta’s daughter arrived before the guests at the restaurant to welcome them as they were all coming from abroad. I love when all the guests make sure to be present for their close family or friends even if it means to take the plane to another country (Yeah destination weddings in Paris!). Everybody was very well dressed and so impressed about this venue.

The ceremony and party

@Picturing Love
Everybody was now ready to welcome the bride and groom for the ceremony… And they did a perfect entrance with a reggae song! Everybody was dancing and celebrating their love, what a great entrance.

We did a 10-15 minutes ceremony because they wanted to renew their vows without making a long ceremony… After the ceremony, it was time to celebrate with some Champagne, of course!

And what about yours?

Doesn’t they seem so happy? Do you want to plan your renewal of vows in Paris too? Follow the link, I will be very happy to talk with you!

Non classé

Your wedding venue in Paris

It is one of the most important vendors and so many of them exist in Paris… I am going to tell you everything about finding the perfect venue in Paris for your ceremony but also for your reception venue… Let’s start!

Your ceremony in Paris: the venue!

The ceremony is maybe the most emotional moment of your wedding in Paris. It is the moment where you are going to say “YES” and exchange your vows in front of family and friends or maybe just in front of your love-one if you are planning an elopement.

Even if you can decide to plan your ceremony and reception at the same place, I am going to detailed you some venues for an outdoor and indoor ceremony in Paris.

destination wedding Paris 10

An outdoor ceremony in Paris

If you are planning an elopement, you will be able to plan your ceremony in an outdoor place in Paris. You may have seen a lot of them on Instagram and Pinterest in front of the Eiffel Tower for example… You can decide to plan it in front of the Eiffel Tower, the Carrousel du Louvre, in a dock or one of the most iconic garden in Paris such as Les Tuileries, Parc Monceau,…

However, for a wedding of more than 10 guests, planning a ceremony in a public place can be more difficult. In fact, private ceremonies are not allowed in public spaces in Paris but are quite accepted if you are planning an elopement. That’s why it would be a better idea to plan your ceremony in a private venue with beautiful gardens, there are a lot in Paris…

Alison & Teddy Elopement Paris
Alison & Teddy Elopement Paris

A private venue for your ceremony in Paris

A private venue is also a very romantic idea, even more if you are planning a wedding in winter for example because in France, winters are very different in terms of weather! If you have more than 10 guests, it is also a good point if you want to plan a ceremony outside, in a beautiful garden without having the security and privacy issues.

You will find very beautiful private lofts and mansions in all Paris with different prices. The one with gorgeous views are going to be more expensive for example. It can be a good idea if you want to plan your ceremony in a beautiful Parisian garden.

You can also decide to plan your ceremony in a private room in a restaurant or a private mansion. You will have the chance to find venues with incredible views if you want for example to plan a ceremony in front of the Eiffel Tower. Birgitta and James have decided to plan their wedding but also their ceremony in a private room of a restaurant in an impressive building… Look at those views!

Birgitta & James: @Picturing Love

Your wedding in Paris: the venue!

Now, it is time to choose your wedding reception venue! Maybe one of the most important vendors of your wedding. It is important to have an idea of what you are looking for because in Paris, you have such a number of different venues, so different from each other!

First of all, I recommend you to choose which kind of venue you want: a restaurant, a private mansion, a loft, a typical Parisian apartment,… You have so many options! And to choose also the district you want your wedding to happen because Paris is a big city and depending where your guests are staying or which district you love, the solution will be different.

private room paris

An important point while looking for the perfect venue in Paris is how many hours will you be able to party. In Paris, a lot of venues have some restrictions about noise and parties so don’t hesitate to ask how many hours will you be able to rent the venue, even more if you want to have a big party!

For a venue with more space such as a French Castle , it is possible to rent one but outside Paris. Paris has private manors which look like small castles but for true French Castles you have all the region to find yours!

Being abroad can make not easy the task of finding the venue you always wanted… Give this big task to your wedding planner in Paris, she will be the perfect person to find your venue!

Don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail to find together your wedding venue in Paris! HERE

Engagement session Proposal

Your Proposal in Paris planned in a few days…

Hello you,

Today, I have decided to write an article about the proposal of Wouter for his lovely future-wife Sylvie because we had planned it in less than 4 days! What an incredible aventure and a beautiful moment in Paris…

©Picturing Love

How did he contact us?

Wouter wrote an e-mail through our lovely blog gettingmarriedinparis 😉 It is the most easy way to contact us quickly if you want to plan a proposal in a few days. Wouter told us that he wanted to plan his proposal in Disneyland Paris as his first idea but he didn’t mind to plan it in Paris. After receiving his e-mail, we send him an e-mail telling him about planning a proposal in Disneyland Paris in such few days…

©Picturing Love

What about planning his proposal in Disneyland Paris?

His first idea was to plan his proposal in Disneyland Paris and we loved that idea! We had to explain him how Disneyland Paris deals with proposals. Due to security issues, Disneyland Paris does not accept animations during the opening hours. So, he imagined his proposal in front of the Castle, just before the Disney Illumination Show.

Unfortunately, this day, Disney team has already a press event so it was not possible to plan any proposal…. Very frustrating, isn’t it? So, we send him a book of project with several propositions for his proposal in Paris.

His proposal day!

After sending him his book of project, Wouter agreed to a complete proposition so we prepared everything to make his proposal in Paris as perfect as possible!

He decided to do it early in the morning at Trocadero which was the best idea. The district of Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower is a district very visited, with a lot of tourists and Parisians. If you want to plan your proposal there, we suggest you to do it early in the morning because it is maybe the only moment where you will find this place quite peaceful.

We had to meet our lovely couple near the Eiffel Tower as  photographers and we asked them if we can shoot them. We had pink and white balloons to enjoy that moment too. And Wouter chose this moment to ask her the question.. And YES!! She wanted to marry him 🙂

After that perfect but stressful moment, our photographer Picturing Love, shot them in the district. They also opened a bottle of Champagne to celebrate their engagement! Don’t they seem so happy?

©Picturing Love

What about yours?

If you want to plan your proposal but you have only a few days to prepare it, do not worry, everything is possible. In a few days, we will be able to plan a beautiful proposal in Paris. A photographer is always a good idea to keep a beautiful souvenir from your romantic trip in Paris. But then, you can decide everything depending on your budget. If you have a low budget, you can only ask for a photographer. If you have a higher budget, you can imagine to rent a private terrace, to decorate the place, to book a musician,…

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However, if you want to plan it at Disneyland Paris, you may know that you will need more days to plan your proposal. Disneyland team are very booked so if you want your date to be free, you may ask for it some weeks before.

Ready to plan your proposal? Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be very happy to help you 🙂


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