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Hiring a wedding-planner in Paris: why is it important?

You are officially getting married… Yeah! Congratulations! You have decided to plan your wedding in Paris… Congratulations twice! You are going to get married in one of the most romantic and beautiful city. The architecture, the monuments, the gastronomy, the ambiance,… Your wedding will be, for sure, one of the best moment of your lives. But… You live in another country and you don’t know how to start, who to contact… What about hiring a wedding-planner in Paris?

Planning a wedding in Paris being abroad… 

You really want to get married in Paris but you live in another country and you don’t know a lot about planning a wedding in your city or in Paris. How to do it? The solution is to call upon a wedding-planner in Paris services. The wedding-planner you will choose will help you to plan your wedding in Paris. They will present you different providers and you will only have to choose your providers without loosing time searching during hours and hours on Google for example.

What we do? After our first meeting by Skype, FaceTime, What’s App, we send you information about the providers, the places for your ceremony and a lot more. We work on a Cloud folder for your wedding with all the schedules, lists, menus,… so everyone can have access to all the information when they want and a lot more…

Experts of Paris

When you are planning a wedding or an elopement in Paris, you need an expert of Paris who remains by your side. It is important because to select the best providers for your wedding, you need someone who has worked with them, who knows them and who knows also which provider will fit to what you want.

Paris is a big city with different kind of places for your ceremony as for your reception. That’s why you need and expert of Paris… Someone who will know exactly which part of Paris will be the best for you, knowing your needs and what your wedding dream is.

Who are we? We are two Parisian wedding-planners in love with their city. Our goal is to find the best providers and places in Paris to make your wedding in Paris come true. We will present you as many places and providers you will need, we will never impose any provider or any choices. We work with you as a team!

Experience of our Clients from all over the world…

Because the best way to know how a wedding planning can be is our clients voices, let me introduce you some of them!

Camille and Nicolas are French but they live in San Francisco. They got married last year in Paris at the City Hall but want to make a big party in Paris to celebrate their love. Camille and Nicolas asked us to plan their wedding and we were so excited about it! They decided to plan the wedding in a Manor between Paris and Normandy. When they came to Paris for Christmas, they have only time to visit the wedding venue with us and they have chosen their providers being at San Francisco. We worked hard during 6 months to plan with them their dream wedding in France through Skype, FaceTime, What’s App and e-mails of course. A lot of fun for a lovely wedding near Paris! Soon more on the blog 🙂

wedding-planner paris Camille Nicolas 3

wedding-planner paris Camille Nicolas 2

wedding-planner paris Camille Nicolas

Indra and Guillaume are what we can call a love at first sight couple! They met in Paris: he was a driver, she was in Paris for a seminar of photography (she is from Singapore) and when they saw each other… PAF! LOVE!! She lives in Dubaï, he lives in Paris and we have only 3 months to plan their wedding in Paris… Fear? Stress? Not at all!! We love the challenges 😉 And as Indra is an Instagram’s woman, we have called their wedding the #singafranco project! The result: a beautiful wedding in Paris with an incredible sunny day  in September (their love shine so hard that the sun was invited too!) Indra wrote us a beautiful made by her as she is a designer with those words: “You two are such a joy. Thank you for planning this beautiful wedding for us!”

wedding-planner in Paris Indra & Guillaume


Wendy and Aaron live in Toronto and asked us to plan their wedding in Paris for next year. We were thrilled about this incredible news! They decided to come to Paris to choose their providers and to meet us of course in the real life 🙂 Since the first time we talked, we have well noted they were in love with Notre Dame de Paris and the visits confirmed their choice! A very beautiful private room with views over Notre Dame after their ceremony in the gardens of Notre Dame… It is going to be so romantic!! As they met their photographer too, she asked them if they want to take some pictures in Paris as a pre-wedding shoot… totally improvised! Paris is always a good idea !

wedding-planner paris Wendy Aaron 3

wedding-planner paris Wendy Aaron 2

wedding-planner paris Wendy Aaron

And we can talk about our Clients destination weddings experience during hours with you! If you want to contact us, don’t hesitate! It is as easy as sending an e-mail or a message 🙂


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Ceremony Elopement Engagement session Paris Wedding Wedding Venue

The riverbanks of the Seine: a romantic spot in Paris

engagement-photoshoot-dvvevents- getting married in paris 59

Today, I am going to talk you about one of my favorite places in Paris: the riverbanks of the Seine, well-known in Paris as Quais de Seine. I think it is one of the most romantic place to plan an elopement in Paris for example or your couple photoshoot session. You will have a beautiful view over the City and over some big monuments such as Notre Dame de Paris but it will also be an intimate place…

Where can I find the Riverbanks of the Seine?

The Quais de Seine are located in the very heart of Paris. You will find a lot of important and famous Parisian places: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, the Louvre Museum,… But also the most beautiful bridges: the Bir-Hakeim Bridge, the Pont Alexandre III, the Pont des Arts and the Pont Neuf. The Seine crosses the historical Paris with the Ile de la Cité, the Medieval Castle of la Conciergerie or the Town Hall. From both sides of the Seine, you will have what Paris can give you as the most beautiful scenery to get married in Paris.

What can I do on the Quais de Seine?

Your Ceremony in Paris

If you want to elope in Paris, the riverbanks of the Seine are one of the most romantic and intimate place to get married in Paris. You will have the options between different places in the riverbanks of the Seine depending on which spot you like the most. If the district of Notre Dame inspires you, you will have a perfect spot to celebrate your ceremony in front of this Parisian Queen. If you are getting married in Paris with guests, it will depend a lot of how many guests you are inviting.
As it is a public space and with the Seine, it can be dangerous to plan your ceremony there. If you want to talk about it, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For your wedding in Paris, you can also decide to plan a lunch or dinner in a boat and have a cruise over the Seine to visit Paris in another way. Your guests will discover the most important and gorgeous Parisian monuments through the Seine. The cruise through the Seine is a perfect idea to plan an original and romantic reception for your wedding in Paris. Imagine: you and your guests with a glass of Champagne in front of the enlightened Eiffel Tower… Just GORGEOUS!!

The Parisian riverbanks are also the perfect place to plan a couple photoshoot for your elopement/wedding in Paris. There are small spots in front of beautiful monuments of Paris such as Notre-Dame de Paris, the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre which can be very intimate for a photoshoot and very romantic too in the heart of Paris!

Want to learn more about these places?
Don’t hesitate to contact us <3

engagement-photoshoot-dvvevents- getting married in paris 57

Ceremony Elopement Paris Wedding

Your symbolic ceremony in Paris… Wait, a what?

wedding in Paris

You may have heard about symbolic ceremonies for weddings or elopements. Since a few years, the symbolic ceremony is becoming the new trend in ceremonies for couples who want to customize their wedding but also their ceremony. The religious ceremony is now competing with the symbolic ceremony as the civil ceremony is still mandatory to officially be considered as married. How can you plan your symbolic ceremony in Paris?

What is it exactly a symbolic ceremony?

Before the arrival of the symbolic ceremony, there was only two choices: the civil ceremony and the religious ceremony.

The civil ceremony is mandatory to be officially considered as married. You have to get married in the City Hall of the city where you live even if some exceptions exist. For example, if you want to get married in Paris and you have no parents living in the city or one of you both, you won’t be able to get married in Paris with a civil ceremony. In France, you have to be living in the city where you want to get married (or a very close parent). If not, your application will be refused.

The religious ceremony is possible in Paris of course. However, you will have to follow a big preparation and you will have to be in contact with your religious referent in your country such as in France. It can be a long preparation with a lot of stuff to prepare and send.

That’s why we think the symbolic ceremony is a very good option if you want to get married in Paris with a ceremony which looks like you. The symbolic ceremony has no value but you can plan it as you want and where you want. You have a complete liberty to create your own texts, your own vows too. If you want to enter with an AC-DC music, you can! If you want your doggy to bring the rings, you can! If you want your grandma to have a dance with your witnesses, you can too! LOL 🙂 You have a complete freedom to create the structure, the texts, the songs, the pictures and videos if you want,… of your symbolic ceremony.

Who can be your officiant?

symbolic ceremony in paris 2


With the symbolic ceremony, you have also the opportunity to choose your officiant. Here are your two options:

  • You can choose a professional celebrant. He will guide you step by step in the construction of your ceremony. He will help you to write your vows if you need it and introduce you the several rituals, invent one with you if you want – as the ceremony is yours, you can also decide to not do any ritual. Sabrina is our celebrant. She will guide you in every step and make sure you create the perfect ceremony. To have a range of price, to be guided by our celebrant will cost you from 696€. (- If you want to contact her -) 


  • You can choose a close relative or friend: because you know exactly who can relate your love story. He or she is that friend who knows everything about you both, who supports you during the hard moments and has an incredibly talent to speak in front of a public. Yes, this moment must be a beautiful for you three, take care of your officiant, choose an officiant who don’t have any problem with speaking to a public. You also can find a professional celebrant who can coach your officiant for the ceremony.

Your symbolic ceremony in Paris… where?


symbolic ceremony in paris

Paris is full of surprises, your symbolic ceremony in Paris could take place wherever you want. We have already talked about places for a ceremony in Paris in an article a few weeks ago – the perfect place for your ceremony in Paris – but let’s have a reminder…

First of all, you have all the important monuments which are perfect places to plan your ceremony in Paris. The Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero, the Louvre and its gardens, the so romantic district of Montmartre with the Sacré Coeur, the wonderful Notre Dame,…. These places are gorgeous but you will have to deal with the crowd, so if you can do your ceremony early that would be better. If not, don’t be afraid, there is always a good spot with less crowd in each important place.

You can also plan your ceremony in one of the parks of the city. We have the chance to have beautiful parks and some near the most important places in Paris. What about the Tuileries Gardens for your ceremony near the Louvre? Or the chapel of the incredible Buttes Chaumont’s park?

Another place which can be so romantic are the Seine docks. You will find docks in a big part of the City because the Parisian river, the Seine, crosses a big part of the city.If you want to plan your ceremony during the day and you don’t want to deal with all the tourists (we love them but we don’t want them to get invited to the ceremony :-D), you will find perfect docks with intimate spots. What about planning your ceremony with views over the City and with the romanticism bring by the river?

Now… Are you ready to plan the most beautiful symbolic ceremony in Paris?

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Ceremony Elopement Paris Wedding

3 reasons why you should get married in Paris…

Paris or not Paris… “Destination wedding” is one of the most important trend of the wedding market. The principle is simple: you decide to get married in another country only you both for an elopement or with your guests for a wedding. But where do you want to get married? There are so many countries, cities and places in the world where a wedding can be celebrated… However, as Parisian ambassadors, we think that Paris is the best place to get married for a destination wedding or an elopement. Here are the 3 reasons why you should get married in Paris, voilà!

Paris is romance

get married in Paris 3

As you know, Paris is called the City of Love for a good reason. Everything in the City inspires love. Couples coming from all around the world are planning their shooting, their engagement session (such as Flavie and Taro), their proposal, their elopement or their wedding in Paris because Paris is Love.

Paris is as romantic as in every movies and TV shows in where your favourite characters get married or just have a trip in the City. You can obviously get kissed and plan your ceremony in an outside place without a Parisian fixing a gaze on you!

In a park, all over the Seine, near the Eiffel Tower (even if it sounds cliché, the place is absolutely stunning!),… The City will show you why there is not another city which can be named “the City of Love” than Paris.

Paris is gastronomy

The French gastronomy is well-known all over the world. In Paris, a lot of “Chefs” are famous for their excellent food. A lot of caterer in Paris will propose you menus created by important Chefs in Paris so you can have the most delicious food for your wedding lunch or diner.

Who has never heard someone talking about those delicious French wines and Champagne? If you are a wine-lover, Paris is your place to get married. Your caterer will propose you the perfect wines and Champagne according to your menu of course.

Also, Paris is the pastry-land! 🙂 Croquembouche, fraisier, mille-feuille, tarte au citron meringuée,… are some of the big names of the very famous pastries. Your dessert will be the reflection of the Parisian gastronomy. Your guests will be amazed with the perfect pastry to end your wedding lunch/diner.get married in Paris


Paris is architecture

Thanks to its history, Paris has a gorgeous old-architecture. The buildings have a really particular Haussmann- architecture who was a very important prefect during the XIXth century in Paris. The Parisian buildings are well-know all over the world. You will be able to rent a private mansion for your ceremony or your wedding.

You will also enjoy the differents parks of the City where you can easily plan your ceremony. In France, the parks are public spaces so there will be no problem for you to plan a beautiful ceremony. However, you won’t be able to rent a part of the park for your ceremony. If you need music or sound during your ceremony, you will have to ask for an authorization (you will find more information in our ceremony in Paris’s article).

get married in Paris 2

The iconic places of the City are also part of the wonderful architecture. The most iconic attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, the district of Montmartre (one of the most romantic district in Paris, maybe the most romantic),… are famous all over the world. You can’t find another monument which will inspire you more romanticism and love. In addition to the most important monuments, you will also enjoy the romantic cafés and the “passages” which are small passageways between two streets. They are most of the time very intimate and romantic!

Paris is full of surprises… You will be spellbound with the Parisian wedding venues, outside places for your photoshoot and ceremony, its gastronomy,… You want to learn more about it?

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Ceremony Elopement Paris Proposal Wedding Venue

Your magical proposal in Disneyland Paris

proposal in disneyland paris

UPDATE : Since May 2019, the minimum budget for a proposal in Disneyland Paris is 1.900€. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want more information!

Since our last article about getting married in Disneyland Paris (you can find it here), we have received a lot of likes and comments about this wonderful place. That’s why we have decided to write a new article but this time, about how to plan your perfect proposal in Disneyland Paris. If you want a proposal as magical as romantic, Disneyland Paris is the place-to-be! Let’s discover together what Mickey and its team can offer you…

Disneyland Paris… A perfect place for your proposal

proposal in disneyland paris 4

Disneyland Paris is located just a few kilometers away from Paris. It is one of the most magical place as you can imagine. Love, magic, romanticism, … This place will give you all the possibilities you need to make your proposal perfect.

Disneyland Paris never closes. If you want to plan your proposal during Christmas Holidays, summer or Valentine’s Day, you will always find the theme-parks open.

This place is also a perfect place for your proposal thanks to the all-year decoration. Lights, colours, flowers, …
©Disneyland Paris

All Disneyland Paris is decorated with passion and magic everywhere. My favourite two moments in the year in Disneyland Paris are Christmas time with the fake-snow (or real one if you are lucky enough), the lights and all the Christmas decoration and in summer with all the flowers and the green-parks.

When you enter at Disneyland Paris, you enter in a different world: a magical and romantic world in where each of us is a Prince or a Princess… If you want to make your proposal a moment away from the reality, Disneyland Paris is your place!

For a gorgeous proposal in Disneyland Paris parks

If you want to plan a simple proposal in Disneyland Paris, all the 5 theme-parks will give you a lot of possibility to find the perfect place for your proposal. Maybe you are both in love with a special Disney’s story and you want to keep it simple? You will have all the information you need to plan your own proposal which fits your couple and your love-story.

Furthermore, Disneyland Paris will offer you two options to plan your gorgeous proposal: the Disney Illuminations show and the restaurants in the theme-parks.

At the end of the day, in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, the most amazing Disney show takes place. It’s a show of lights, sounds, pictures, songs and fireworks and it is perhaps THE show of Disneyland Paris. Close your eyes and imagine the scene: the Sleeping Beauty Castle enlightened with coloured play of lights and water jets… A perfect view for your proposal! While you are visiting the park and waiting for this moment, you will be escorted by a VIP guide who will take you to a special place in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. After he or she says “I do”, the VIP guide will give you your ring and a gorgeous flower bouquet. Of course, it will be possible to hire a photograph so he can immortalize this incredible moment full of magic and love.

Also, you have two restaurants in Disneyland Paris which are perfect for a romantic proposal: Cinderella’s hostel and Walt’s restaurant.
At the Cinderella’s hostel, the little mice of Cinderella:  Suzy and Perla will welcome you and take you to your table. They will book one of the most romantic table of the hostel for you so you can plan the perfect moment with your loved-one. A princely place for your princess or prince in one of the most romantic Disney’s story.
The Walt Disney restaurant is a special and unique restaurant in all Disneyland Paris. It has several theme-rooms which recount the most important moments of Walt Disney’s life with the 5 theme of the Disneyland Paris-parks. Enter in the hall of the restaurant and discover your table on the 1st floor. If you both are such big fans of Walt Disney and its world, this restaurant is the place for your perfect proposal.

For a romantic proposal in Disneyland Paris rooms

proposal in disneyland paris 2

©Disneyland Paris

If you want to plan the most romantic and elegant proposal for your better-half, the hotel Disneyland is the place to be! It is the most elegant and luxurious place in Disneyland Paris with its two restaurants. Plan the most sophisticated and magical proposal…

During the diner, while you are waiting for your delicious dessert, the waiter will bring you your ring in a Cinderella’s glass slipper or a in a gorgeous blown-glass red rose with your personal message set in a mirror… These two options are as magical as possible, your partner will be astonished! You will receive also a gorgeous flower bouquet after this incredible moment.

You will also have the possibility to keep up the dream’s proposal with a romantic decoration of your room. You can have a bottle of Champagne to celebrate your engagement,  a flower bouquet, some macarons, rose petals all over your bed and also the Romantic Package with some gifts for your wedding.

proposal in disneyland paris 3
©Disneyland Paris

But if you want to make your proposal in the most elegant and luxurious place in the Disneyland Hotel… You should do it in the Castle Club, the most beautiful room of the hotel. You will have a bottle of Champagne, some macarons and fruits. The room will also be decorated with balloons and rose petals. You will also have a special package with a wedding cushion for your wedding rings, two Champagne glasses, the Cinderella’s glass slipper, Mickey and Minnie teddies, candies and some other gifts!

So… Are you ready to plan the most magical proposal in Paris?

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To read our article about weddings in Disneyland Paris

Ceremony Dress Elopement Paris

Rent your wedding dress …

One of the most important moment in a bride’s life is when it’s time to choose THE wedding dress. However, you are planning to get married in Paris. You have the possibility to buy your dress in your city/country and then take it to France. But you will have to deal with the transport of your dress, you will have to pay attention to it. Do you know it is possible to rent your wedding dress in Paris? It’s actually one of the best way to have your dream wedding dress  without having to deal with the transport…

How does it work?

getting married in paris - rent your wedding dress 3

It’s well-know that we can rent a car or a house but rent a wedding dress? It’s one of the new trend of the fashion wedding industry.

To rent your wedding dress, you can go to a boutique where you will have the choice to select THE wedding dress of your dreams without buying it. You will be able to choose a dress of new fashion creators but also of big fashion houses such as Pronovias, Cymbeline, Laure de Sagazan, Sposa,… As in a wedding dress shop, you will be able to try your dress before the D-Day as they have a lot of sizes and a lot of different models.

Other brides will be wearing your dress during their weddings, that’s the concept of renting a wedding dress… But don’t worry, the dress will be washed and made as new for you!

When you have found your perfect wedding dress, you will pay for the reservation and you will be able to take your dress a few days before the wedding to enjoy it as it was yours!

Why renting my wedding dress in Paris?

Maybe one of the most interesting questions… Why renting your wedding dress will you ask? There are several reasons…

First reason: you won’t have to transport your wedding dress to Paris. Carrying your wedding dress in the airplane can be complicated because if you want the dress to not fall into, you will have to carry it in the plane with you… Having your wedding dress on your knees during some hours can result a little bit umconfortable.

Second reason: you don’t want to pay a wedding dress. That’s a fact: a wedding dress is expensive or very expensive if you want to buy the dress of your favorite designer. You can spend at least 800€ to 2 000€ and more just for the dress. Maybe do you want to put this money on something else for your wedding? Renting a dress can be a very good idea then if you want a beautiful dress without spending an important part of your wedding budget.

Third reason: you want to have a special dress for your D-Day. You may have dreamed about the dress of Laure de Sagazan or Jesus Peiro for example but the price of these dresses are very  expensive… Renting a dress will gave you the opportunity to have the wedding designer dress of your dreams!

Where can I rent a dress in Paris?

In Paris, a few shops are dedicated to rent you the wedding dress you need such as Graine de Coton or DreamDress Location.

We are going to present you Graine de Coton because we get used to work with her. Alexandra, creator of Graine de Coton, has a very complete catalogue online:  You can see all the wedding dresses and some accessories in real time. All the dresses on the catalogue are in the boutique in Paris.

The Graine de Coton dresses are from brides who want to rent their dress or from oldest collections of wedding dress shops and creators. Alexandra will suggest you a lot of different models, brands, sizes,…with an excellent price-quality ratio.

When you have found THE one, Alexandra and her team will make the alterations needed if possible a month before the wedding but if you live far from Paris, they will make their best to suit you.

Anne-Charlotte is one of our brides who decided to rent her wedding dress with Alexandra of Graine de Coton. She was gorgeous, wasn’t she? <3

getting married in paris - rent your wedding dress

getting married in paris - rent your wedding dress 2


To contact us…

Ceremony Paris Wedding Venue

The perfect place for your ceremony in Paris

Your Ceremony in Paris

You are planning to get married in Paris. Here comes the moment to find the perfect place for your  ceremony  in Paris. You want a ceremony that looks like you, then it will be a symbolic ceremony… Yes but where to do it ? Are there laws about it ? Who’s gonna be your celebrant ?

engagement-photoshoot-dvvevents- getting married in paris 59

First of all, some information about the symbolic ceremony…

The symbolic ceremony consists in creating your own ceremony. You choose your texts, your ritual (or not if you don’t want one) and your speakers. The beauty of that kind of ceremony is that it is written by you and your closest relatives, the ceremony will give even more sincerity and emotion to words. The fact that you can choose your celebrant(s) and speakers is also a big advantage for your ceremony : a family’s member, a friend or a professional celebrant.

Your ceremony in Paris : what should you respect ?

ceremony in Paris 2

There are many of you who have been asking this important question : is it possible to get married in the most famous places in Paris ? The answer is… YES ! There are no laws which forbid to get married in Paris in a symbolic ceremony. Parks, Monuments, Gardens, … are public places, in France. For example, you can’t rent the Luxembourg Garden or the Seine docks for your wedding. What we offer to our clients is to choose a place in Paris which means something for them, which has a special meaning in their love story for example. Maybe your other half proposed to you at the foot of the Eiffel Tower or in a private room with an incredible view over the city and you would like a reminder of this gorgeous moment in your wedding ? Everything is possible, you can personalize as much as possible your ceremony, starting with the place.

Based on the place you have chosen, your ceremony will take place early morning or at the end of the day or even after lunch. The more your ceremony will be happening around some touristic’s places (the Eiffel Tower, the Sacred Heart, …) the more  it will be important to not get invaded by tourists, regarding the time of your ceremony😝

wedding in Paris 4

Although the places are public spaces, we ask for each ceremony an authorization form to the Paris City Hall and to the Police Prefecture. It is important to inform these two institutions because a big event can take place during your wedding ceremony in Paris which will ruin your ceremony and will bring the Police. To avoid any problem and make your ceremony a perfect and private moment, an authorization form is mandatory. Paris is divided into districts, do not hesitate to get your authorization from the City Hall of the district where your ceremony takes place. Also, a very important point, you should request that form to these two institutions at least three months before your wedding in Paris especially if you have more than 30 guests and need logistical material on the spot. Of course, we can help you in every request by writing and sending them ourselves.

ceremony in paris 4

If you are planning an elopement, it is possible to not ask for this authorization. However, we prefer to get it for each wedding or elopement in Paris for security measures, if you take the time to plan your wedding in the capital.

Your outside ceremony in Paris

You have a lot of choices for outside places. First of all, you have the most famous and symbolic places in Paris : the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadero, the district of Montmartre, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, … These spots receive a lot of tourists so be careful with the crowd the D-Day !

Paris has a lot of gorgeous parks and gardens to plan your ceremony. The most famous are the Tuileries Garden (across from the Pyramid of the Louvre), the Luxembourg Gardens but also the park of the Trocadero (across the Eiffel Tower) or even the Buttes Chaumont Park which will give you an incredible view over Paris with its little romantic chapel.

What about planning your ceremony near the Seine ? The docks Seine offer you wonderful spots and for some of them very intimate ones to get married. Choose the district you like… For example, the docks Seine facing the Notre Dame Cathedral. And what about planning your ceremony in Paris on a boat along the Seine ?

engagement-photoshoot-dvvevents- getting married in paris 57

You also have the possibility to celebrate your ceremony in a street or a passage to give it a street side ! Paris has a lot of very typical Parisian-style streets but also a lot of original streets. Enjoy the sweetness of a Parisian street to plan your ceremony …. Here some examples…

ceremony paris street

ceremony paris street 2

ceremony paris street 3

Your inside ceremony in Paris

Several reasons for an inside ceremony : you have a lot of guests, you are charmed by the beauty of the Parisian architecture, you are coming in December and you are afraid of the cold (and I understand you so much brrrrrr !), …

The main goal is to find the perfect place. Paris owns a lot of venues with rooms which can host your ceremony : A Parisian hotel, a room in a private mansion, private mansions, lofts, …

private room paris                                                                                           ©Salon Arts et Métiers

If you want to have a big view over the City, you can also rent a rooftop to plan your ceremony and/or wedding in Paris. You will enjoy the gorgeous view over the City of Lights by day and night ! What about celebrating your wedding at nightfall with the whole city being illuminated ?


Terrasse hotel raphael                                                                                       ©Hotel Raphael

You have a lot of options… Do not hesitate ! Paris is the City of Love and Lights, It will make your ceremony a romantic and magical moment !

If you want to contact us for more information, click here

Ceremony Wedding Venue

Get married in Disneyland Paris: Your Wedding dream!


Get Married in Disneyland…
Your wedding dream !

You are dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding Disney movies like… An enchanting wedding venue to make this celebration magical and unforgettable ! But, impossible to find this venue in Paris or in Europe at all… Your wedding dream is disappearing into the air… Catch it back ! Since Spring 2017, you can get married in Disneyland Paris…

Vous rêvez d’un mariage de conte de fée à la Disney-style dans un endroit féérique pour faire de cette célébration une journée magique et inoubliable… Impossible de trouver un tel lieu ni à Paris ni en Europe… Votre mariage de rêve semble s’évaporer… Rattrapez-le ! Depuis printemps 2017, organisez le mariage de vos rêves à Disneyland Paris…

get-married-in-disneylandparis-5                                                                                      ©Disneyland Paris


Disneyland Paris: Magic Everywhere…

Do I really have to present you Disneyland Paris ? Come on, let’s introduce it… DisneylandParis was born the 12th April 1992 (happy 25th birthday !) and is located near Paris, around 30 kilometers from the capital. It is the first European tourist destination with its two parcs, seven theme-hotels and its sumptuous Sleeping Beauty Castle. Disneyland Paris is the fairy tales’ world in our reality. Who has never sang Hakuna Matata, dreamed of being a Disney Prince/Princess or even to live in the Sleeping Beauty Castle (come on, let’s admit it!)

Disnelyland Paris is one of the best magical wedding venues to make your love-story a true fairy-tale

Faut-il vraiment présenter DisneyLand Paris ? Allez, petite présentation… Le complexe Disneyland Paris est né le 12 avril 1992 (joyeux 25ème anniversaire !) et se situe aux portes même de Paris, à environ 30 kilomètres de la capitale. Il s’agit de la première destination touristique d’Europe avec ses deux parcs, ses sept hôtels à thème et le magnifique Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant. Disneyland Paris est le monde des contes de fées dans notre réalité. Qui n’a pas chanté Hakuna Matata, rêvé d’être une Princesse/Prince Disney ou encore d’habiter dans le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (allez avouons-le nous !)
Disneyland Paris est bien l’un des lieux les plus magiques pour faire de votre histoire d’amour un véritable conte de fée !


Your dream wedding in Disneyland Paris come true

get-married-in-disneylandparis-1                                                                                       ©Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is the gateway to Paris, the City of Love and Lights… I think there is no better place to celebrate your love-story than Disneyland Paris, where magic and fairy live. A romantic and gorgeous setting for a fairy-tale wedding. It’s the perfect place for every Disney’s fan (like me !) but also for each couple who wants to get married in a romantic and exceptionnal surrounding… Your children guests as your adult guests will be spellbound by the celebration of your union in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Until Spring 2017, it was impossible to get married in Disneyland Paris… Your only enjoyment was to dream with the wedding pictures of @disneywedding’s Instagram (which I recommend if you’re looking for some inspiration about fairy tale-weddings !). But, since Spring 2017, Disneyland Paris has answered to our expectation… Get married in Disneyland Paris ! Add the Disney’s magic to your wedding : in Disneyland Paris everything is possible, your imagination has no limits !

To get married in Disneyland Paris, you have two packages : the Royal Wedding Collections and the Romantic Wedding Collections –the names only are making us dream, aren’t they ?

The Romantic Wedding Collections will offer you to choose the place of your wedding ceremony which looks like you. However, be careful, you won’t have access to the whole park (to deal with security-problems).
These are the three wedding ceremony ‘s places :

  • The Disney Newport Bay Club – maybe one of the most famous Disneyland Paris’s hotels. Enjoy the view of the lake and the twentiees’s atmosphere to give to your ceremony a lot of adventure
  • The Disneyland Hotel – it is the frontage of the park’s entrance ! This magical and luxury place will welcome you in a Disney-licious surronding that only Disney has the secret.
  • The courtyard of the inn’s Castle – The-place-to-get-married-in-Disneyland-Paris !! Your fairy-tale deserves a Princess/Prince’wedding as the most beautiful Disney Royal Couples… Just imagine the scene : in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, getting out of your carriage with your escort of princely guards, yes !
    Your majestic entrance will be remembered by all your guests.

The Royal Wedding Collections is the package made to measure for your wedding in Disneyland Paris. You will be able to create your own Royal wedding thanks to a magical ceremony and reception which look like you. You can live your own fairy-tale with your both initials written in your love-story book : Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid, Snow White, Aladdin, Frozen Rapunzel, … No matter which theme you want, Disney has no limits except your imagination.

get-married-in-disneylandparis-3                                                                                        ©Disneyland Paris

The best ? A possibility to create your own decoration and animation for your wedding. The presence of Disney’s figures, animation and live private show by Disney artists, musical shows, … but also unusual animations and places in the park ! A decoration made-to-measure in the Disney-theme can give a huge Wow ! to your wedding reception.  I am a (huge) fan of Rapunzel : what about creating a decoration on Rapuntzel-theme with a venue with a lot of flowers and light-effects to end with a magical lanters throw at nightfall ?

get-married-in-disneylandparis-2                                                                                        ©Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris se situe aux portes de Paris, la ville de l’Amour et des Lumières… Je pense qu’il n’y a pas de meilleur endroit pour célébrer votre histoire d’amour qu’à Disneyland Paris, lieu où la magie et la féérie sont à l’honneur. Un cadre romantique et somptueux pour un mariage de conte de fée ! L’endroit est parfait pour tout fan de Disney (comme moi !) mais aussi pour tout couple souhaitant célébrer son union dans un cadre romantique et exceptionnel… La célébration de votre union face au Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant épatera vos invités adultes et enfants !
Jusqu’au printemps 2017, il vous était impossible d’organiser votre mariage à Disneyland Paris… Vous ne pouviez que rêver devant les photos de mariage organisés dans le parc Disneyland d’Orlando ou bien devant les publications Instagram de @disneyweddings (que je vous recommande si vous souhaitez vous inspirer pour un mariage de princesse à Disney). Mais depuis ce printemps, Disneyland Paris a enfin répondu à notre attente… Se marier à Disneyland Paris ! Ajouter la magie Disney à votre mariage : à Disneyland Paris, tout est possible… Votre imagination n’aura pas de limite !
Pour faire de votre mariage à Disney une réalité, vous avez deux formules au choix : la Royal Wedding Collections et la Romantic Wedding Collections… Des noms qui nous font déjà rêver n’est-ce pas ? La Romantic Wedding Collections vous propose de choisir une cérémonie dans le lieu qui correspond au mieux à ce que vous rêvez. Attention, vous ne pourrez pas accéder à l’ensemble des lieux du parcs (sécurité oblige entre autres). Voici les 3 lieux proposés :
Le Disney’s Newport Bay Club – peut-être l’un des hotels les plus connus de Disneyland Paris. Profitez de ce lac et de cette ambiance années 20 pour donner à votre cérémonie un vent d’aventure!
– Le Disneyland Hotel – il s’agit de la façade phare de l’entrée au parc! Ce lieu féérique et luxueux vous accueillera dans un cadre Disney-licieux, une élégance dont seul le monde de Disney a le secret.
– La Cours de l’Auberge du Château – THE place-to-get-married-in-Disneyland-Paris !! Votre conte de fée mérite un mariage digne des plus belles princesses et princes Disney… Imaginez-vous, face au Château de la Belle au Dormant, descendant de votre carrosse avec votre escorte de gardes princiers, oui, oui !  Votre entrée majestueuse restera dans les têtes et les yeux de tous vos invités …

La Royal Wedding Collections est la formule sur-mesure pour votre mariage à Disneyland Paris. L’objectif : créer votre mariage de couple princier Disney grâce à une cérémonie et une réception à votre image et magique. Vous pourrez alors vivre votre propre conte de fée avec vos deux initiales écrites sur le livre de votre histoire : la Belle au Bois Dormant, Cendrillon, la Belle et la Bête, la Petite Sirène, Blanche-Neige, Aladdin, la Reine des Neiges, Raiponce, … peu importe l’univers de votre rêve, Disney n’a aucune limite à part votre imagination !
Le plus ? La possibilité de créer des décors et des animations spécialement pour vous et votre mariage. La présence de personnages Disney, des animations et spectacles privés par des artistes Disney, des prestations musicales en live, … mais encore aussi des animations insolites dans des lieux insolites du Parc ! Une décoration sur-mesure dans l’univers de Disney qui vous ressemble le plus peut déjà donner un énorme Waou ! à votre réception. Je suis (très) fan de l’univers de Raiponce: pourquoi pas créer une décoration sur le thème de Raiponce avec une salle de réception très fleurie et avec une mise en lumière tamisée pour finir sur un lancer de lanternes magique la nuit tombée ?

get-married-in-disneylandparis-4                                                                                         ©Disneyland Paris

Get Married in Disneyland Paris: my wedding venue is a very-famous-theme-park… How to deal with it ?

We have not to forget that Disneyland Paris is a very famous and very visited theme-park. I guess you’re asking yourself the same question as I did… How can we create an intimate ceremony in a theme-park with thousand and thousand of visitors ?

It’s quite simple… Your wedding will take place when DisneylandParis is closed : before the opening or after the closing time. It is not possible to plan your wedding ceremony in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle during the day because visitors are in the theme-park. Of course, it will depend on which wedding venue you choose.

Your wedding in DisneylandParis will also have to deal with the security rules so you can enjoy each moment of this incredible day without worrying about visitors.

Create your own fairy-tale since Spring 2017 and get married in Disneyland Paris… Have your wedding dream in a place where magic and fairy are one and only ! The one limit ? Your imagination…

Are you ready to say I do in Disneyland Paris ?

get-married-in-disneylandparis-6                                                                                         ©Disneyland Paris

N’oublions pas que Disneyland Paris est un parc d’attraction très connu et très visité. Vous vous posez la même question que moi j’imagine… Comment créer une réception intime dans un parc d’attraction avec des milliers de visiteurs par jour ?
Tout simplement en organisant votre mariage en dehors des heures d’ouverture : avant ou après la fermeture du parc. Il n’est pas possible d’organiser votre cérémonie de mariage face au Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant en pleine journée car les visiteurs sont dans le parc. Evidemment, tout dépendra de votre choix de lieu de réception.
Votre réception de mariage à Disneyland Paris devra également répondre aux normes de sécurité du complexe pour que vous puissiez vivre le mariage de vos rêves sans vous préoccuper de tout le côté touristique du Parc.
Créer votre conte de fée dès cette année 2017 en organisant à Disneyland Paris le mariage de vos rêves dans un endroit où magie et féérie ne font plus qu’un un ! La seule limite ? Votre imagination… Alors prêt à vous dire OUI à Disneyland Paris ?
Engagement session Non classé

An engagement session in Paris with Ana Silva Photography!

Last May, I have the great pleasure to meet Ana Silva from Ana Silva Photography from Philadelphia who was spending time in Paris for her seminar with the amazing Sue Bryce.

She wants to photograph any woman in the world who’s ever looked at a picture of herself and not felt beautiful. She wants to photograph the woman that thinks she’s just not photogenic, the woman who says she’ll get her picture taken when she loses a few pounds, the mother who looks through her family albums and sees she is missing because she avoids the camera. Now, she also does elopements and weddings all over the world!

– Why do you choose Paris?

“I went to Paris for a photography workshop. I have always dreamed of traveling there and when the opportunity arose, I knew this was the perfect time to visit.”

– How it was to work with DVV Events?

“I had met Amelie on Facebook and had been friends for about a year prior to meeting in person. We clicked right away. She’s such a sweet and kind person. She told me about her friend’s engagement and I immediately told her I’d love to take their photos. Her professionalism and dedication to her work is something I truly respect and admire. ”

– Did Paris charm you?

“Oh my God, YES!! It’s such a beautiful, clean, friendly and of course romantic place. I wish I had more time to explore more. It’s my goal to go back very soon.

– Can you say why do you think Paris is a good place for an engagement session?

I can’t think of more romantic place to have an engagement session than in the city of love! Everything around it says love.

<img src="engagement session in paris " width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="engagement session in paris ">
En Mai dernier, j’ai rencontré Ana Silva d’Ana Silva Photography de Philadelphie lors de son voyage professionnel à Paris pour un séminaire avec la grande photographe Sue Bryce. 
Elle veut photographier chaque femme dans le monde qui en se regardant dans le miroir ne s’est pas sentie belle. Elle veut photographier la femme qui pense qu’elle n’est pas photogénique, la femme qui veut être prise en photo lorsqu’elle aura perdu du poids, la femme qui voit ses albums photos e famille et ne s’y voit pas car elle tenait la caméra. Maintenant, elle photographie également des elopements et des mariages partout dans le monde! 
– Pourquoi avoir choisi Paris?
“Je suis venue à Paris pour un workshop de photographie. J’ai toujours rêvé de voyager et lorsque la situation s’est présentée, je savais que c’était le moment idéal pour venir à Paris.”
– Quel a été votre expérience avec DVV Events?
“J’ai rencontré Amélie sur Facebook et nous sommes devenues amies un an avant de pouvoir se rencontrer en personne. Elle est si gentille et si douce. Elle m’a parlé des fiançailles de son ami et j’ai immédiatement dit que j’adorerai pouvoir photographier ce couple d’amoureux. Son professionalisme et sa passion pour son travail sont deux choses que j’admire et je respecte profondément.”
– Est-ce que Paris vous a charmé?
“Oh mon dieu, OUI!!! Tout est si beau, si propre, si chaleureux et évidemment, romantique! J’aurai aimé avoir plus de temps pour explorer. Mon objectif est d’y retourner très bientôt.”
– Pouvez-vous nous dire pourquoi Paris est un lieu parfait pour une session d’engagement ?
Je n’ai pas en tête de lieu plus romantique pour avoir une session d’engagement que dans la ville de l’amour. Tout Paris dit le mot amour! 

<img src="engagement session in paris 2" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="engagement session in paris 2 ">
<img src="engagement session in paris 3" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="engagement session in paris 3">


Ceremony Non classé

Which ceremony can I plan?

What an important question…
Which ceremony can you plan in Paris?

If you want to plan a civil ceremony in Paris:

  • you have to live in Paris or have a residence in Paris

If one of you two live in Paris since one month at least, it can be possible to celebrate your wedding in a Parisian City Hall.

But if none of you live in Paris or have a residence in Paris since one month, it won’t be possible to do it in a city hall. However, if one of your parents live in Paris, it would be possible to celebrate your wedding in the City Hall of the parent’s district.

Si vous souhaitez organiser une cérémonie civile à Paris:
  • vous devez vivre ou avoir une résidence à Paris
  • si l’un de vous deux vit à Paris depuis au moins un mois, il sera possible d’organiser la cérémonie civile dans la Mairie de l’arrondissement de résidence.
Mais si aucun de vous deux ne résident à Paris, il vous sera impossible d’organiser une cérémonie civile. Cependant, si l’un de vos parents vit à Paris, il sera possible de célébrer votre mariage dans la Mairie de l’arrondissement de résidence de votre parent. 

<img src="ceremony in paris" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="ceremony in paris">

If you want to plan a symbolic ceremony in Paris

One of the best choices to get married in Paris. Why would you ask me? Because, it will be a ceremony made by you. Also, you will have a lot of choices to choose your ceremony place as Paris is a very big city with parks, rooftops, docks, hidden streets,…

We will propose you an English speaking celebrant (Spanish or Portuguese) for your ceremony. The celebrant will help you to make you perfect ceremony come true!

As the symbolic ceremony has no legal value, you can get married in your city and organize a symbolic ceremony in Paris.


Si vous souhaitez organiser une cérémonie laïque…
L’un des meilleurs choix pour se marier à Paris. Pourquoi me direz-vous? Car la cérémonie est créée par vous-même. Vous aurez un choix important de lieux où organiser votre cérémonie car Paris est une grande ville avec des parcs, des toits/terrasses, des quais, des rues cachées,… 
Nous vous proposerons un officiant parlant français, anglais, espagnol ou portugais pour votre cérémonie. Il pourra vous guider pour créer la cérémonie parfaite! 
Comme la cérémonie laïque n’a aucune valeur juridique, vous pouvez vous marier légalement dans votre ville de résidence et organiser votre cérémonie laïque à Paris. 

If you want to plan a religious ceremony in Paris

It is possible to get married religiously in Paris if you can prove your faith and sacraments. You will have to follow a wedding preparation in your country (depending on your religion).

It would be possible to get married in the American Church.

Si vous souhaitez organiser une cérémonie religieuse… 
Il est possible d’organiser une cérémonie religieuse à Paris en prouvant votre confession et vos différents sacrements. Vous devrez suivre une préparation au mariage depuis votre pays de résidence (en fonction des religions).
Pour un mariage catholique, il est possible de se marier à l’ American Church de Paris. 

<img src="ceremony in paris 2" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="ceremony in paris 2">

And you, which ceremony do you plan?
In which beautiful location?

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