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Wendy and Aaron’s destination wedding in Paris!


Dear “Getting Married in Paris” community,

Today, we would like to share with you the incredible destination wedding in Paris of Wendy and Aaron. Do you remember Wendy and Aaron? We wrote an article about their engagement session in Paris while they were preparing their destination wedding in Paris with us.
You will find the link here:Wendy and Aaron

Wendy and Aaron’s destination wedding in Paris

Wendy and Aaron went to Paris in September 2017 to plan their wedding. We visited several venues, met their photographer and found the venue of their ceremony. We had an incredible time with them and had all planned by the end of their stay in Paris. Doing a trip to Paris when you are planning your destination wedding is always a great idea. You will be able to meet your providers before your wedding and visit all the venues of your wedding. If you can’t, don’t worry, we are Parisian and French specialist so we will find your perfect vendors.

The photoshoot road-trip

Our couple wanted to have a photoshoot in several points in Paris before their ceremony. So, we planned a real road-trip in Paris with their photographer Lola Prod. We started the photoshoot at the gorgeous Alexandre III bridge, maybe one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris! But the couple really wanted to go the Louvre Museum district. So we stay 1h30 in this district discovering places from the Tuilerie Gardens to the Comedy Française outsides. We went then to the Cathedral Notre-Dame to take some photos before the ceremony.




destination wedding Paris 5destination wedding Paris 6

destination wedding Paris 18

The ceremony

Wendy and Aaron felt in love with Notre-Dame-de-Paris (who would not?) so they decided to spend all their wedding in this district. It was an evidence to plan their ceremony in front of the gorgeous Cathedral of Notre-Dame. They dreamed of the ceremony and make it true with Sabrina, their wedding-planner and celebrant. They created their own ceremony with her and validated the text. They wrote their own vows and chose their ritual… Here are the pictures!

destination wedding in Paris 7

destination Wedding in Paris 8

destination wedding Paris 9

destination wedding Paris 20

After the ceremony, their photographer took some shots of all the guests with the bride and groom to immortalize this incredible moment. Then, they walked from the Cathedral to the wedding venue…

The Wedding Venue

After this small walk through the district of Notre Dame, the guests arrived at the beautiful restaurant, one of the most older restaurant of Paris! They were welcomed in a typical Parisian room with some drinks and canapés with foie gras of course!

destination wedding Paris 9

Then, they all went to the wedding room all decorated by Wendy, Aaron and us. The stationary were made by the talented Aurore from Zeste d’Amour.

destination wedding Paris 10

destination wedding Paris 12

destination wedding Paris 13

Each guest had the chance to choose their own menu before the wedding so everybody had his personal menu! This is a possibility when you plan a destination wedding in Paris with less than 50 guests.

For the dessert, Wendy and Aaron wanted to mix the French and Canadian culture so our partner, Les Gourmandises de Léa et Louise made them a Red Velvet with a croquembouch! All in only one wedding cake and it was so delicious!!!

destination wedding Paris 14

destination wedding Paris 16

After this incredible time, it was the moment of the dancing party!! Our singer and musician took part of the party singing all night long! What a great moment for everybody… Don’t they look so happy?

destination wedding Paris 16

If you want to have an incredible destination wedding in Paris as Wendy and Aaron, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Laura & Nile’s wedding in a gorgeous French Castle

destination wedding in France

Today, we want to talk you about this incredible destination wedding in France we had the chance to plan for Laura and Nile.

It was, what we called, an intimate wedding: it means that there were less than 30 guests. The couple had rented a gorgeous French Castle located 3 hours from Paris. The Castle has so many rooms (they look like more suites than rooms!),  everybody was able to stay at the Castle during few days. What a perfect trip to France for a beautiful moment 🙂

Laura & Nile’s destination wedding in France

Laura and Nile wanted to mix the American and French culture for their destination wedding in France. They decided to start their wedding day with the ceremony in the little chapel of the Castle. The fathers were the masters of their religious ceremony. Who more than a father could be the perfect officiant?

wedding ceremony in France

The ceremony was followed by a typical French cocktail in the gardens of the Castle. It wasn’t a sunny day as we wish for every wedding but the sun was there just for the cocktail – thank you Mister Sun! – . Our incredible florist made a floral decoration of the pavilion so the guests can use it as a photooboth. During the cocktail, the couple and the bride & groom’s team made some pictures in front of the Castle as member of the Royalty Family! They made the Castle rock :-p

cocktail party wedding France

destination wedding France 2

destination wedding in France 3

romantic destination wedding in France

The dinner was typical French gastronomy  with a list of 5-course-meal with some famous French dishes such as the French foie gras of course! During the dinner, they enjoyed music with a string quartet in the dining-room of the Castle. The bride’s mother is a professional musician and she enjoyed playing with the quartet such as all the guests!

wedding reception France

destination wedding reception in France

For the dessert, we planned a beautiful arrival in a room for the two cakes: a croquembouche and a Red Velvet wedding-cake. All the guests were invited to go to the dancing room… and two beautiful cakes were waiting for them! After the tasting, the bride starts a very emotional dance with her father who was then followed by her now-husband… From that moment, the dancing party started !

wedding cake France

destination wedding in France 5

We had such a great time planning this gorgeous destination wedding in France for Laura and Nile with our incredible team as always!

Your destination wedding in Paris

If, as Laura and Nile, you want to plan your own destination wedding in Paris or your destination wedding in France, don’t hesitate to contact us!

And to read more about the planning of a destination wedding or elopement in Paris here:

Destination Wedding in Paris

Elopement in Paris


Photographer: Rebecca Jordan



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The Glamorous wedding of Olivia and Guillaume

Here we are… The wedding season of 2017 is officially finished!

It’s time to talk you about our wonderful weddings we had the chance the plan with incredible couples 🙂

Olivia and Guillaume got married in a beautiful Castle near Angers (Pays de la Loire) the 13th, 14th and 15th of May 2017. These two are what we can call love between cultures. He is from France and she is from Jakarta. They both want to get married in France because of Guillaume’s family but also because Olivia love our beautiful country!

We started to work with them at the end of November. We had to work between Paris and Jakarta and it was so worth it…

As an image is worth than a thousand of words, let us show you what their glamorous wedding looked like with a small trailer and the wedding’s photos…

Planning and Scenography: DVV Events




Wedding Gifts

Teabags for your guests?

Tea Heritage - wedding paris 3

Original tea bags to thank you your guests

Tea Heritage - Wedding Paris

Since 2013, Tea Heritage offers you original teabags. And since 2017, it offers you a new collection dedicated to weddings with personnalized teabags in shape of hearts to give to your guests.

Each order is realized depending on the client’s needs. The teabeags can be personnalized : you can personnalize the color of your teabag and the tag on each teabag and put your names. These teabags are original and fabulous presents. Moreover, each order is handcrafted : quality is guaranteed!

Each teabag is made with high quality raw-material for a teabag as beautiful as delicious ! The material used to produce the teabags is a non-spinned alimentary material. The organic cotton-string doesn’t have any chemical products for an organic teabag, good for health ! The teabag will not lose its color in the boiling water.

Elodie Fagot, the creator, gets her inspiration in the world of childhood, the simplicity of small kindness and her everyday life. Tea Heritage wants to re-invent tea-time so you can appreciate this calm moment with an original teabag. If you love tea, this gift seems to be perfect for your guests.

Tea Heritage - wedding paris 4

A teabag to offer to your guests…

The Tea Heritage’s teabags in shape of hearts or clouds had a huge success very quickly. That’s why, now, new models exist…

For even more originality, you have the choice between several shapes of teabags : clouds, stars, planes, moons if you are a dreamer or if you are a sky-fan, cats, rabbits and swans if you are a great friend of animals or even hearts if you want to stay in the wedding-theme.

Besides the form, you can personnalize your teabag with your own logo, your two names to make your teabag look like you !

Our opinion? These teabags are perfect for your wedding in Paris: their pastel colors and their sweetness make them the perfect guest gifts!

Tea Heritage - wedding paris 3

Don’t hesitate to follow Tea Heritage on Instagram to discover more orginal teabags !

Depuis 2013, la marque Tea Heritage vous propose des sachets de thé aux formes originales. Depuis 2017, elle propose désormais une collection dédiée aux mariages avec des sachets en forme de cœurs personnalisables pour les offrir à vos invités. Chaque commande est réalisée à la demande du client. Les sachets sont complètement personnalisables : vous pouvez personnaliser la couleur de votre sachet ainsi que l’étiquette sur chacun des sachets pour y mettre vos noms par exemple. Ces sachets de thé sont des cadeaux originaux et à vos noms ! De plus, chaque commande est réalisée à la main : qualité garantie !
Chaque sachet est réalisé avec des matières premières haut de gamme pour un sachet de thé beau mais aussi bon ! Le tissu utilisé pour la fabrication des sachets est un tissu non-tissé à usage alimentaire. Le fil de coton bio avec des coutures ne contenant pas de produits chimiques pour un sachet de thé bio et sans risque pour la santé. Aussi, le sachet ne déteint pas dans l’eau bouillante.
Elodie Fagot, la créatrice, puise son inspiration dans le monde de l’enfance, la simplicité des petites attentions et son quotidien. Tea Heritage souhaite ré-inventer la pause thé afin de vous faire apprécier ce moment de calme tout en ayant un sachet original. Si vous aimez le thé, ce cadeau me semble parfait pour offrir à vos invités.
Les sachets de thé Tea Heritage en forme de cœur et de nuage ont eu très vite un grand succès. C’est pourquoi de nouveaux modèles sont apparus… Pour encore plus d’originalité, vous avez le choix entre diverses formes de sachets : nuages, étoiles, avions, lunes si vous êtes un rêveur ou un fan du monde du ciel, chats, lapins et cygnes si vous êtes un ami des animaux ou encore des cœurs pour rester dans le thème du mariage.
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