Planning an elopement in Paris during the pandemic crisis

Since February 2020, the entire world has drown itself into a huge pandemic crisis due to the Covid-19. Everything from this moment has been changed: our freedom to travel, to go to a show, to work and even to walk in the city without any protection or to visit our family and friends. Planning an elopement seems to be impossible…

However, we have to be optimistic for the future as all the countries are talking about the vaccine and how we are going to win this huge world battle against the virus.

Proposal Paris Gastronomic Dinner

Paris… A ghost town!

While, before the pandemic crisis, we were looking about public spaces without too much crowd in Paris. Now, Paris has been cleared out of every tourists. Seing the city without tourists can be very beautiful but also very sad… We miss you here in Paris!

Even so, as the vaccine is being prepared and France is being cured of the virus slowly but surely… Let’s have a first look about all the public spaces that you can choose for your public venue for your symbolic ceremony for your elopement in Paris during this pandemic crisis.

Incredible calm public venues

If you want to get married near the Eiffel Tower is maybe the best moment to travel to Paris. Indeed, we have been talking about the Trocadero perfect space for your ceremony in front of the Eiffel Tower. Before the crisis, the number of tourists was so high that it wasn’t possible to plan it in “normal hours”. You were able to do it but before 7am or after 9pm.

Now, or at least this year, without tourists you can have the Trocadero for you to plan a ceremony in front of the Eiffel Tower. Take advantage and plan an intimate elopement in Paris during this pandemic crisis.

And, if you prefer to plan your elopement in a private venue, you will not have to wait a year or more to book your wedding date. The agendas of such venues are.. empty or almost!

You will have the chance to get married in Paris for an outdoor wedding in our beautiful parks. In front of the Eiffel Tower, near the Seine for a romantic walk, in the garden of a museum… Paris has a lot of beautiful gardens for your elopement. Or what about a cruise through the Seine to exchange your vows and enjoy one of the most romantic dinner in Paris?


If you are more for indoor weddings, we will be able to propose you a lot of beautiful indoor venues such as only Paris has: , a typical French private Mansion, a Parisian room, a room with a library, a private room in a gastronomic restaurant…

Paris has the venue for you…

Getting married in Paris during the restrictions

Yes, getting married right now in another country is more difficult than anything… But yes, it is possible.

It is possible because the virus is less important than it could be a few months ago. However we have to take some precautions for your elopement.

Depending on which country you are coming from, you will have to pass the PCR test to be able to enter in France. If you are not sick, that would not be a big problem.

Until today, you won’t be able to plan a big wedding in Paris. For now, wedding are not allowed. That should changed from February/March – to be confirmed by the government – but we can hope to plan elopements for this Summer 2020.

Also, it is going to be the best moment to enjoy Paris and to get married in Paris. Why? Because you will have Paris for you both to plan a perfect and intimate wedding. The intimacy will be perfect for your romantic ceremony too.

Let’s do it, as agreed with what the governments will decide in the next few months, to enjoy our incredible City of Love for your elopement in Paris with Getting Married in Paris!

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