Proposal in Paris

You need someone to help you to plan your dream proposal in Paris
for your loved-one…
Yes! You are in the right place!

It’s time… You are ready to ask this wonderful and stressful question: Will you marry me?

But you want your love-one to be as amazed as possible, you really want to see in her/his eyes love and glitters!

Paris will offer you a lot of different places to make your proposal in Paris perfect: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Montmartre, the Seine’s docks ,… Such romantic Parisian places but also: the rooftop of a wonderful palace, an intimate park! And what about a secret trip to Paris? A dance in Montmatre? A rooftop near the Eiffel Tower? A proposal in Disneyland Paris?

Let’s  plan together the perfect proposal in Paris which looks like you…

proposal in paris - ring


Your imagination has no limits in Paris…


Your proposal has to be personal and to look like you. Every person (even if she doesn’t admit it) has always dreamt about the day their prince or princess charming will ask her/him “Will you marry me?” Your proposal has to be perfectly planned to be as gorgeous and incredible as your loved-one dreamt it!

First of all, you should ask you some important questions:

  • Will it be a secret proposal or a photoshoot in Paris?
  • Where do you want to plan it?
  • Will it be intimate or public?
  • Is there a place where your proposal in Paris must take place (maybe you both are in love with the Louvre? – for example)

After answering to those questions, you will have a first idea of what your proposal can look like. The City of Love is a very impressive city and has incredible places to ask: Will you marry me? such as the Trocadero park with the Eiffel Tower by night, a hidden and bucolic street, the rooftop of a palace decorated with red rose petals and musicians welcoming you, a diner in a romantic venue with wonderful views over Paris, …

Let’s imagine together your dream proposal in Paris… Do you know it was also possible to do it in Disneyland Paris if your loved-one is really in love with the fairy tales?

How to start planning your perfect proposal in Paris?

As True Parisian ambassadors, we will provide our experience, our savoir-faire and our love for our city  to make your proposal just unique!

First of all, we plan a Skype call (or FaceTime, What’s App,…) to get to know you and your love-story. We talk about some important things: the date, what do you want, where do you want, which type of proposal you want, where do you want to have dinner, what type of gastronomy, your trip in the city,…
Then, we send you a project-book of your dream proposal in Paris.

We will help you in each moment during the preparatives to make your proposal perfect and simple for you, so you can enjoy each moment with your loved-one!

How to contact us?
It is as simple as an e-mail, a message or fill a form right here: contact us

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