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One of the most important moment in a bride’s life is when it’s time to choose THE wedding dress. However, you are planning to get married in Paris. You have the possibility to buy your dress in your city/country and then take it to France. But you will have to deal with the transport of your dress, you will have to pay attention to it. Do you know it is possible to rent your wedding dress in Paris? It’s actually one of the best way to have your dream wedding dress  without having to deal with the transport…

How does it work?

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It’s well-know that we can rent a car or a house but rent a wedding dress? It’s one of the new trend of the fashion wedding industry.

To rent your wedding dress, you can go to a boutique where you will have the choice to select THE wedding dress of your dreams without buying it. You will be able to choose a dress of new fashion creators but also of big fashion houses such as Pronovias, Cymbeline, Laure de Sagazan, Sposa,… As in a wedding dress shop, you will be able to try your dress before the D-Day as they have a lot of sizes and a lot of different models.

Other brides will be wearing your dress during their weddings, that’s the concept of renting a wedding dress… But don’t worry, the dress will be washed and made as new for you!

When you have found your perfect wedding dress, you will pay for the reservation and you will be able to take your dress a few days before the wedding to enjoy it as it was yours!

Why renting my wedding dress in Paris?

Maybe one of the most interesting questions… Why renting your wedding dress will you ask? There are several reasons…

First reason: you won’t have to transport your wedding dress to Paris. Carrying your wedding dress in the airplane can be complicated because if you want the dress to not fall into, you will have to carry it in the plane with you… Having your wedding dress on your knees during some hours can result a little bit umconfortable.

Second reason: you don’t want to pay a wedding dress. That’s a fact: a wedding dress is expensive or very expensive if you want to buy the dress of your favorite designer. You can spend at least 800€ to 2 000€ and more just for the dress. Maybe do you want to put this money on something else for your wedding? Renting a dress can be a very good idea then if you want a beautiful dress without spending an important part of your wedding budget.

Third reason: you want to have a special dress for your D-Day. You may have dreamed about the dress of Laure de Sagazan or Jesus Peiro for example but the price of these dresses are very  expensive… Renting a dress will gave you the opportunity to have the wedding designer dress of your dreams!

Where can I rent a dress in Paris?

In Paris, a few shops are dedicated to rent you the wedding dress you need such as Graine de Coton or DreamDress Location.

We are going to present you Graine de Coton because we get used to work with her. Alexandra, creator of Graine de Coton, has a very complete catalogue online: www.graine-de-coton.com  You can see all the wedding dresses and some accessories in real time. All the dresses on the catalogue are in the boutique in Paris.

The Graine de Coton dresses are from brides who want to rent their dress or from oldest collections of wedding dress shops and creators. Alexandra will suggest you a lot of different models, brands, sizes,…with an excellent price-quality ratio.

When you have found THE one, Alexandra and her team will make the alterations needed if possible a month before the wedding but if you live far from Paris, they will make their best to suit you.

Anne-Charlotte is one of our brides who decided to rent her wedding dress with Alexandra of Graine de Coton. She was gorgeous, wasn’t she? <3

getting married in paris - rent your wedding dress

getting married in paris - rent your wedding dress 2


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  • Reply
    8 August 2018 at 22 h 00 min

    Hello I would like to rent my wedding dress. How much does it cost?

    • Reply
      15 August 2018 at 20 h 18 min

      Hello Natasha,

      It can cost from 50€ to 200€ and more. It depends a lot on what do you want for your wedding dress 🙂

      Don’t hesitate if you any question

      DVV Team

  • Reply
    30 April 2019 at 11 h 37 min

    Hi Amelie,
    I would need a wedding dress for the music performance – how can I choose one? Try on?

    • Reply
      30 April 2019 at 17 h 32 min

      Hello Ana,
      Yes, you can go to one of the rental boutique and try on 🙂

  • Reply
    15 January 2020 at 0 h 43 min

    Hi wanna do a pre wedding shoot In April in Paris and want to rent a dress for a few hours! Is this possible? And how much is the price?

    • Reply
      16 January 2020 at 18 h 09 min

      Hello Julie,
      You can rent a dress at Graine de Coton shop.
      Good luck!

  • Reply
    3 February 2020 at 3 h 44 min

    Hi Amelie do you have vintage wedding dresses for hire?

    • Reply
      8 February 2020 at 15 h 25 min

      Hello Alice,

      You can ask to Graine de Coton, maybe she will have some beautiful dresses for you.

      Good luck,


  • Reply
    27 February 2021 at 23 h 29 min

    Hello, please I will like to rent a weeding dress for my wedding please

    • Reply
      28 February 2021 at 14 h 33 min


      You can ask to Graine de Coton in Paris for example.

      Good luck!


  • Reply
    Julie Baniqued
    10 June 2022 at 9 h 52 min

    hello we wanted to rent a gown for the marriage how much will it costs ? thank you .

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