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8 Tips to Get Married in Paris

Today, we are going to share with you 8 tips to get married in Paris. A lot of you have asked us to give you some advices to get married in Paris and as Santa Claus came a few weeks ago, this is our gift! Don’t hesitate to comment and to share with us your other questions <3

1 – Choose a district in Paris

Our first advice: if you want to fully enjoy your wedding day in Paris, we advise you to choose a particular location in Paris. It is possible to get married in Montmartre and then, have your wedding lunch or dinner near Notre-Dame for example. But you will lose time in traffic, waiting for your wedding car and if you have guests, waiting for them,… We suggest you choose a district in Paris, the one you are in love and to enjoy each moment in it. A Parisian district is still an important part of Paris and you will find a lot of different locations, parks, venues, small streets,… for your ceremony, your lunch/diner and your shooting too!

8 tips to get married in Paris 3

2- Be careful with your wedding’s date

Indeed, this tip can seem too easy but let’s talk about it. Paris is a big city with a lot of small events and big events. Maybe an event will take place at your ceremony’s place which will have a big consequence on your D-Day.

Also, in France, each season has its own price. If you want to lower your budget, you should plan your ceremony during winter for example because venues, as they are less weddings as in summer, will give you a cheaper price for the rent. As well, they are some days during the year that are really more expensive than the others in the same season. For example, the New Year Eve. It is one of the most beautiful day of the year in Paris. However, all the vendors will ask you expensive or very expensive prices for the different services. If you want to take your budget lower, the date of your wedding is an important point.

3- Most of the venues in Paris have their own caterer

While you will be looking after your venue, you will notice that in Paris a lot of venues have their own caterer. You will only have the choice to choose your menu, so be careful! Don’t hesitate to look on social media if the caterer has good reviews. Having a wonderful venue is important but having an excellent dinner can be one of the most important part of your wedding.

Also, if you have a precise budget, some of the times, the caterer of the most beautiful places has expensive menus. Before signing with those places, ask for different menus to be sure their caterer will answer to your ideal menu.

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4- Wines and Champagne

Yes, we could have talk about this in the caterer’s point. But we have decided to separate it. Why? Because you can decide to buy your own wines and champagne with some caterers. A part of them won’t accept to let you buy your alcohol drinks, even more if you have rent a restaurant or a hotel. Some other will apply what we called a “droit de bouchon” which is a tax on each bottle that will be served. It can be around 8 to 20€ per bottle!
Hopefully, you have caterers who will allow you to choose and buy your own wines and Champagne. Because, yes, we think that the couple has to have the possibility to choose each service of their wedding.

5- Sleeps for your guests

If you are planning a destination wedding, you will have to find sleeps for your guests so it will be easy for them to plan their trip to Paris. Also, they will be more relax if you give them the name of the hotel where everybody is going to stay.

In Paris, there are only a very few places where your guests will be able to sleep. We recommend you look for an hotel or a villa for your accommodation.

6- Dancing Party

In Paris, venues have restrictions about music. Most of the venues will propose you a rental until midnight or 2 am. If you want to have a big party, be careful with this point! Some of the Parisian venues will propose you to plan your party until 4 or 5 am with extra hours. The price will depend on each venue but the price of an extra-hour can start at 200€ to 800€ for example.
However, if you have a restricted budget for the venue, you can also decide to go on the suburbs of Paris where they are a lot of incredible venues too!

7- The Bridal Dress

If you have bought your bridal dress, the first question will be: “how will I transport my bridal dress?”. You have two possibilities. You can transport it in its slipcover with you in the cabin. The dress will be protected but it can be heavy if you have a voluminous dress. On the other hand, you can decide to transport it in a luggage. The dress will be protected and will only have to ask at your hotel for example to prepare it at their pressing service.

However, you can decide to buy it in Paris because we have a lot of different dress boutiques. This option can be a good idea but you have to come to Paris a few months before the wedding because you have to order it and make the dress be altered. Also, what about rent it in a dress boutique? It can be a very good option if you don’t want to travel with your dress!

8 tips to get married in Paris


8- Your Wedding-Planner

But if you want one advice, it will be this one: planning you destination wedding in Paris is a very important task. You will need the expertise and savoir-faire of a Parisian wedding-planner. You will be more relax during the planning and your D-Day will be as perfect you dreamed it! Don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about your wedding project in Paris, we will be delighted to help you!

A bientôt à Paris!

Wedding Venue

A sumptuous private mansion for your wedding in Paris

This private mansion is absolutely one of the most gorgeous wedding venues for your wedding in Paris. It represents perfectly the Parisian style!

A twinkling Eiffel Tower, the Seine River close (possible arrival by sea route), this beautiful mansion is a real exceptional parisian place.

It can welcome several types of events for a partial or a complete privatization: 1st floor or ground floor or ground floor with the garden. It can be rented the morning, the afternoon, all day long or only the evening.

The spectacular view on the Eiffel Tower from its lounges makes this place so special…

Cet hôtel particulier est l’un des plus beaux lieux de réception pour votre mariage à Paris. Il représente parfaitement le style parisien! Une Tour Eiffel scintillante, la Seine à deux pas (possible arrivée par voie maritime), ce bel hôtel particulier est un véritable lieu d’exception parisien.
L’enceinte peut accueillir plusieurs types d’événements pour une privatisation complète ou en partie : 1er étage ou rez-de-chaussée ou rez-de-chaussée avec jardin. Il peut être louer le matin, l’après midi, toute la journée ou encore uniquement le soir. La vue est imprenable sur la Tour Eiffel depuis ses salons pouvant contenir jusqu’à 300 personnes.

<img src="wedding venue Paris 15" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="wedding venue Paris 15">

<img src="wedding venue Paris 16" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="wedding venue Paris 16">

<img src="wedding venue Paris 17" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="wedding venue Paris 17">

<img src="wedding venue Paris 18" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="wedding venue Paris 18">

<img src="wedding venue Paris 19" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="wedding venue Paris 19">

<img src="wedding venue Paris 20" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="wedding venue Paris 20">

<img src="wedding venue Paris 21" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="wedding venue Paris 21">

<img src="wedding venue Paris 22" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="wedding venue Paris 22">

<img src="wedding venue Paris 23" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="wedding venue Paris 23">

<img src="wedding venue Paris 24" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="wedding venue Paris 24">

<img src="wedding venue Paris 25" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="wedding venue Paris 25">

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