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Wendy and Aaron: their trip to Paris to prepare their wedding

September 7th 2018…

Two beautiful souls are going to plan their wedding in Paris and we have the honour to help them to prepare one of the most beautiful day of their lives. Sabrina will also be the celebrant of their ceremony so we are even more excited about it!

Wendy and Aaron decided to send us an e-mail after visiting our blog “Getting Married in Paris”. They were looking for a wedding-planner in Paris as they really want to plan their destination wedding in Paris, a city they love so much. We had send them our proposal for their wedding and they have decided to give us their trust… What an incredible trip together!

wedding in Paris Wendy and Aaron 4

They planned a trip to Paris last September to meet us and to visit all their providers and taste the caterer of course (one of the best moment of the planning… French gastronomy and wines…. Yummmmyyyy). It was really a good idea to plan this trip a year before their wedding because we had the opportunity to have the same conditions as it will be for their real wedding such as the weather (even if it is a little bit unpredictable in France and even more in Paris), the places with turists, …  If you have the opportunity to plan a trip to Paris even if it is months before, it is always a good idea. However, if you don’t have time to come to Paris, don’t worry… The surprise of your wedding in Paris will be even more amazing!

Wendy and Aaron have always been in love with Notre-Dame-de-Paris… How not to be in love with this place? The romanticism of the monument and its beautiful park, the Seine crossing the place and the little Isle called “Ile de la Cité” is so Parisian!

wedding in Paris Notre Dame

The day after their arrival, we have started to visit the wedding venues because the venue will decide the caterer. As you may know, in Paris, some places have their own caterers and some other not. The places that Wendy and Aaron have decided to visit have their own caterers as they were restaurants or private mansions. After two visits, they decided to stop the visits! Why? They have found their perfect venue for their wedding in Paris: a very cosy, gorgeous and Parisian restaurant with views over Notre-Dame-de-Paris and the district. The caterer was then the restaurant itself: a gastronomic typical French food and wines and champagne for their guests, to make them discover Paris… Also, a pianist will play during their cocktail: they fall in love with this idea of having some beautiful music played by a Professional pianist with a glass of a Champagne in one hand and a petit-four of Foie Gras on the other hand. What an incredible day they had and we had some much fun with them because as we always say: Planning your destination wedding in Paris has to be fun too!

You will ask me about the ceremony venue? The park of Notre-Dame will be the perfect place to celebrate their love of course 🙂

As the planning of the visits has been canceled because they found THEIR perfect place, we have time to meet their photographer in Paris. What they weren’t expected is that their photographer will start taking photos of them in Paris! It was not a sunny day but we had incredible views over the Eiffel Tower to not lose the day! Aren’t they gorgeous and happy?

wedding in Paris - Wendy & Aaron 3

wedding in Paris - Wendy & Aaron 2

wedding in Paris - Wendy & Aaron


To be continued…

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Ceremony Elopement Paris Proposal Wedding Wedding Venue

Hiring a wedding-planner in Paris: why is it important?

You are officially getting married… Yeah! Congratulations! You have decided to plan your wedding in Paris… Congratulations twice! You are going to get married in one of the most romantic and beautiful city. The architecture, the monuments, the gastronomy, the ambiance,… Your wedding will be, for sure, one of the best moment of your lives. But… You live in another country and you don’t know how to start, who to contact… What about hiring a wedding-planner in Paris?

Planning a wedding in Paris being abroad… 

You really want to get married in Paris but you live in another country and you don’t know a lot about planning a wedding in your city or in Paris. How to do it? The solution is to call upon a wedding-planner in Paris services. The wedding-planner you will choose will help you to plan your wedding in Paris. They will present you different providers and you will only have to choose your providers without loosing time searching during hours and hours on Google for example.

What we do? After our first meeting by Skype, FaceTime, What’s App, we send you information about the providers, the places for your ceremony and a lot more. We work on a Cloud folder for your wedding with all the schedules, lists, menus,… so everyone can have access to all the information when they want and a lot more…

Experts of Paris

When you are planning a wedding or an elopement in Paris, you need an expert of Paris who remains by your side. It is important because to select the best providers for your wedding, you need someone who has worked with them, who knows them and who knows also which provider will fit to what you want.

Paris is a big city with different kind of places for your ceremony as for your reception. That’s why you need and expert of Paris… Someone who will know exactly which part of Paris will be the best for you, knowing your needs and what your wedding dream is.

Who are we? We are two Parisian wedding-planners in love with their city. Our goal is to find the best providers and places in Paris to make your wedding in Paris come true. We will present you as many places and providers you will need, we will never impose any provider or any choices. We work with you as a team!

Experience of our Clients from all over the world…

Because the best way to know how a wedding planning can be is our clients voices, let me introduce you some of them!

Camille and Nicolas are French but they live in San Francisco. They got married last year in Paris at the City Hall but want to make a big party in Paris to celebrate their love. Camille and Nicolas asked us to plan their wedding and we were so excited about it! They decided to plan the wedding in a Manor between Paris and Normandy. When they came to Paris for Christmas, they have only time to visit the wedding venue with us and they have chosen their providers being at San Francisco. We worked hard during 6 months to plan with them their dream wedding in France through Skype, FaceTime, What’s App and e-mails of course. A lot of fun for a lovely wedding near Paris! Soon more on the blog 🙂

wedding-planner paris Camille Nicolas 3

wedding-planner paris Camille Nicolas 2

wedding-planner paris Camille Nicolas

Indra and Guillaume are what we can call a love at first sight couple! They met in Paris: he was a driver, she was in Paris for a seminar of photography (she is from Singapore) and when they saw each other… PAF! LOVE!! She lives in Dubaï, he lives in Paris and we have only 3 months to plan their wedding in Paris… Fear? Stress? Not at all!! We love the challenges 😉 And as Indra is an Instagram’s woman, we have called their wedding the #singafranco project! The result: a beautiful wedding in Paris with an incredible sunny day  in September (their love shine so hard that the sun was invited too!) Indra wrote us a beautiful made by her as she is a designer with those words: “You two are such a joy. Thank you for planning this beautiful wedding for us!”

wedding-planner in Paris Indra & Guillaume


Wendy and Aaron live in Toronto and asked us to plan their wedding in Paris for next year. We were thrilled about this incredible news! They decided to come to Paris to choose their providers and to meet us of course in the real life 🙂 Since the first time we talked, we have well noted they were in love with Notre Dame de Paris and the visits confirmed their choice! A very beautiful private room with views over Notre Dame after their ceremony in the gardens of Notre Dame… It is going to be so romantic!! As they met their photographer too, she asked them if they want to take some pictures in Paris as a pre-wedding shoot… totally improvised! Paris is always a good idea !

wedding-planner paris Wendy Aaron 3

wedding-planner paris Wendy Aaron 2

wedding-planner paris Wendy Aaron

And we can talk about our Clients destination weddings experience during hours with you! If you want to contact us, don’t hesitate! It is as easy as sending an e-mail or a message 🙂


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Dress Paris Proposal Wedding

Fashion Week in Paris: Eli Saab fashion show!

fashion show paris - getting married in paris

Paris is the City of elegance and fashion and we have always wanted to be part of a fashion show in Paris… Our dreams come true when one of our partner offers us a ticket to the Eli Saab’s show during the Fashion Week in Paris! We will tell you how we live it… Let’s go!

Eli Saab Fashion Show in Paris

July 5th, Noon : Paris… City of Love, Love with a big L … but not only! Paris is also and since a long time THE City of Elegance and Fashion.

fashion show paris - getting married in paris 2

How better to summarize the fashion than the Parisian Fashion Week. And we were lucky enough to be part of it, thanks to Julien from Studio Nibiru, a very talented french company specialized on visual and sound arts technics which besides being our partner sound and lights for our events, sets up all the sound system for the Fashion Week. We are proud to work with a company receiving so prestigious benefits because only few companies are called to work for this international event. We get to have only one ticket of course. So, here am I.  I was lucky enough (again) to participate on the 2017-2018 Fall and Winter collection show of the incredible fashion genius, I named, Mister Eli Saab.


First time at a fashion show…

I was impressed by the concentration of photographers in only one closed area just in front of the stage. All of them knew their job, where to be, where to put their cameras and the reason why they were right there at this precise location. All the space was use by the professionals. If we start to compare to our photographers, our partners, whom are always using all the space as they were living in some kind of paradise, it is absolutely not the same job. Let’s say that our photographers are very well treated during an event organized by our agency.

fashion show paris - getting married in paris 3
After one hour, the show finally starts. Just before the music begin, famous people started to enter running like it was planned from the beginning. Rosi de Palma, famous Spanish actress and One Real Housewives from the TV show that I can’t remember the name (sorry but you cannot blame me for that!) just seated in front and next to me. The others ran to their seats like they were late… and they were. Too fast to recognise them but I thought I saw … nevermind.


Eli Saab’s style!

Flying Banners, metallic crowns, very long velvet dresses and gilded gowns gave Elie Saab’s collection a look of Game of Thrones TV show. And then the magnificent Wedding Dress arrived. Perfectly designed, meticulously arranged, a dress that would made me look like a princess of an Irish Highland. An experience that would leave an amazing souvenir. Thanks again to our sound and lights technicians partners, Studio Nibiru, for this amazing and unique parisian experience.

 fashion show paris - getting married in paris 4     fashion show paris - getting married in paris 5    fashion show paris - getting married in paris 6

fashion show paris - getting married in paris 7


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Ceremony Elopement Paris Wedding

Your symbolic ceremony in Paris… Wait, a what?

wedding in Paris

You may have heard about symbolic ceremonies for weddings or elopements. Since a few years, the symbolic ceremony is becoming the new trend in ceremonies for couples who want to customize their wedding but also their ceremony. The religious ceremony is now competing with the symbolic ceremony as the civil ceremony is still mandatory to officially be considered as married. How can you plan your symbolic ceremony in Paris?

What is it exactly a symbolic ceremony?

Before the arrival of the symbolic ceremony, there was only two choices: the civil ceremony and the religious ceremony.

The civil ceremony is mandatory to be officially considered as married. You have to get married in the City Hall of the city where you live even if some exceptions exist. For example, if you want to get married in Paris and you have no parents living in the city or one of you both, you won’t be able to get married in Paris with a civil ceremony. In France, you have to be living in the city where you want to get married (or a very close parent). If not, your application will be refused.

The religious ceremony is possible in Paris of course. However, you will have to follow a big preparation and you will have to be in contact with your religious referent in your country such as in France. It can be a long preparation with a lot of stuff to prepare and send.

That’s why we think the symbolic ceremony is a very good option if you want to get married in Paris with a ceremony which looks like you. The symbolic ceremony has no value but you can plan it as you want and where you want. You have a complete liberty to create your own texts, your own vows too. If you want to enter with an AC-DC music, you can! If you want your doggy to bring the rings, you can! If you want your grandma to have a dance with your witnesses, you can too! LOL 🙂 You have a complete freedom to create the structure, the texts, the songs, the pictures and videos if you want,… of your symbolic ceremony.

Who can be your officiant?

symbolic ceremony in paris 2


With the symbolic ceremony, you have also the opportunity to choose your officiant. Here are your two options:

  • You can choose a professional celebrant. He will guide you step by step in the construction of your ceremony. He will help you to write your vows if you need it and introduce you the several rituals, invent one with you if you want – as the ceremony is yours, you can also decide to not do any ritual. Sabrina is our celebrant. She will guide you in every step and make sure you create the perfect ceremony. To have a range of price, to be guided by our celebrant will cost you from 696€. (- If you want to contact her -) 


  • You can choose a close relative or friend: because you know exactly who can relate your love story. He or she is that friend who knows everything about you both, who supports you during the hard moments and has an incredibly talent to speak in front of a public. Yes, this moment must be a beautiful for you three, take care of your officiant, choose an officiant who don’t have any problem with speaking to a public. You also can find a professional celebrant who can coach your officiant for the ceremony.

Your symbolic ceremony in Paris… where?


symbolic ceremony in paris

Paris is full of surprises, your symbolic ceremony in Paris could take place wherever you want. We have already talked about places for a ceremony in Paris in an article a few weeks ago – the perfect place for your ceremony in Paris – but let’s have a reminder…

First of all, you have all the important monuments which are perfect places to plan your ceremony in Paris. The Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero, the Louvre and its gardens, the so romantic district of Montmartre with the Sacré Coeur, the wonderful Notre Dame,…. These places are gorgeous but you will have to deal with the crowd, so if you can do your ceremony early that would be better. If not, don’t be afraid, there is always a good spot with less crowd in each important place.

You can also plan your ceremony in one of the parks of the city. We have the chance to have beautiful parks and some near the most important places in Paris. What about the Tuileries Gardens for your ceremony near the Louvre? Or the chapel of the incredible Buttes Chaumont’s park?

Another place which can be so romantic are the Seine docks. You will find docks in a big part of the City because the Parisian river, the Seine, crosses a big part of the city.If you want to plan your ceremony during the day and you don’t want to deal with all the tourists (we love them but we don’t want them to get invited to the ceremony :-D), you will find perfect docks with intimate spots. What about planning your ceremony with views over the City and with the romanticism bring by the river?

Now… Are you ready to plan the most beautiful symbolic ceremony in Paris?

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Your Elopement in Paris – Getting Married in Paris

ceremony in Paris 2

It’s official… You are getting married! But your dream wedding isn’t a wedding with guests, planning a big celebration and having diner with your guests… You just want to get married with your one-love, eyes in the eyes without any guests but only you two. How to do it? Is it possible to get married only you both? Of course it is… And we call it an elopementElopement in Paris.

A… what?

An elopement… What is exactly an elopement? It’s a wedding with only the bride and the groom. This new tendency of the wedding market is growing a lot since a few years. A lot of couple want to get married most of the time in another country or city without any guests, just both of them.

First of all, an elopement is maybe one of the most romantic way to get married. You are going to travel with your better-half to celebrate the love between you both. No guests, no big diner, no big wedding planning, just a celebration of your love and a lunch or a diner for you both, eyes in the eyes. It will be your own secret, your romantic getaway!

The elopement can be also a good idea if you don’t want to spend a lot of money in your wedding. You will be able to plan the wedding of your dream without spending 10 000-20 000€ or more, money you should have spent if you were planning a wedding with guests. For an elopement, we can say you will spend between 20 and 30% over what you will have to spend for a big wedding.

Maybe are you afraid telling to your close relations that they won’t be invited to your wedding because you are going to plan an elopement. You will have to explain them why you are planning an elopement instead of a big wedding. To make everyone happy, you can plan a post-wedding party to celebrate your wedding with your family and friends. It can be a good idea to balance an elopement and a party with your close family and relations for example, less bigger than a big wedding but as important as a celebration with your loved-ones.

Why chosing Paris for your elopement

The City of Love is one of the best places to plan your elopement. It is well-known that Paris is the City of the romanticism and love, a perfect place for your elopement.

We will have a lot of possibilities for your ceremony venue. You can select one of the incredible outside places such as parks and gardens: the Tuileries, the Luxembourg Park, the Buttes Chaumont Park and a lot more… They are perfect places for a green outside ceremony. All Parisian parks have a spot with intimity to plan your ceremony.

For an outside ceremony, the Seine docks can be a good place to have a spot with a lot of romanticism but also with great views over the City. There are also a lot of gorgeous bridges which can be very beautiful places even if you will have to be careful with the crowd. The Bir Hakheim is, for example, a bridge without cars and with a wonderful view over the Seine and the Eiffel Tower.

Then, Paris is full of wonderful and very famous monuments and places: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvres, the Champs-Elysees, the Concorde Place, the Trocadero,… All of these places are perfect places for a romantic and Parisian ceremony but you should be careful with the crowd, you don’t want them to ruin your intimate ceremony 😉 However, if you don’t want to deal with it, you can choose an outside place with an incredible view over your favorite place in Paris: what about a balcony with views over the Eiffel Tower?

You will have also the possibility to choose an inside place. Parisian architecture is amazing. Paris will offer you an intimate room in a private mansion or an hotel to celebrate a romantic ceremony. You can also rent a place with a balcony or a rooftop to have incredible views over the City of Love.

Terrasse hotel raphael

After your romantic ceremony, you can have lunch or diner at a restaurant in Paris. The gastronomy and wines/champagne are wonderful in France, so enjoy it for your elopement in Paris. You can have the possibility to have your lunch/diner in a private room to have a complete intimity during your meal… Un dîner aux chandelles s’il vous plaît?

 How do we work… Your Elopement in Paris

As your wedding-planners, we will plan with you your perfect elopement in Paris. We will help you to find the most beautiful place for your ceremony and your lunch/diner so your elopement will be your romantic day (and of course all the providers you need: photographer, wedding car, hair and make-up artist,…)

wedding in Paris 4

To contact us is the first step, you can send us an e-mail, a What’s App, a Facebook private message, call us,… We will talk about your elopement project and will send you your book of project which will be a description of your elopement in Paris. If you are ready to work with us, we will start your wedding-planning then.

Each elopement or wedding is different from all the other but we have these 3 following packages. It is of course possible to add services or to remove services of each packages :

  • Silver Package: your English speaking celebrant, your symbolic wedding certificate, a photographer during 1 hour, recommendations during your trip in Paris  – 800€
  • Gold Package: your English speaking celebrant, your symbolic wedding certificate, your bridal bouquet and boutonnière, a photographer during 2 hours, your transportation during the photo session to shoot in different areas, the planning of your wedding day,  recommendations during your trip in Paris and the presence of your wedding planner – 1.200€
  • Diamond Package: your English speaking celebrant, your symbolic wedding certificate, your bridal bouquet and boutonnière, your hair and make-up artist, a photographer during 2 hours, a videographer during 2 hours, a wedding car during 4 hours (Limousine, Beetle, 2CV,….), the planning of your wedding day, recommendations during your trip in Paris and the presence of your wedding planner – 2.350€

We will be thrilled to plan the perfect elopement in Paris for your wedding…
Ready to take off to Paris for a romantic getaway?

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Engagement session Paris

Flavie & Taro – Engagement Session in Paris

It was a perfect sunny day when both  MegaPixels Media and ourselves decided to plan the engagement session in Paris of that lovely couple who is getting married next year. Two places have been chosen by Flavie and Taro: the Palais de Tokyo, which is a wonderful museum with views over the Seine and the Eiffel Tower and the district of Montmartre, maybe the most romantic district in Paris.

What is exactly an engagement session?

An engagement session is a photoshoot of a couple who decided to get married. It is a photoshoot to announce the wedding… It is also a good idea to make an original save-the-date and what better than the City of Love to announce your wedding?

Paris has a lot of spots to plan your engagement session. If you want a romantic, elegant and funny photoshoot, Paris is your place! Here are some of our favourite places in Paris to plan your engagement session: the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadero and the Parisian bridges, Montmartre’s district, the Seine docks, the little streets of Paris for an intimate photoshoot and the Louvre. What we have to deal with also is the crowd, be careful with the moment during the day you decided to plan it: Paris is a big city with a lot of turists. The best moments are early in the morning during the week and the night to enjoy the City by night.

Flavie & Taro – their engagement session in Paris

Flavie and Taro decided to plan their engagement photoshoot in Paris in order to have beautiful pictures for their save-the-date. They wanted to start the photoshoot at the Palais de Tokyo because this place has a real meaning in their love story and to finish in Montmartre because “it is one of the most beautiful and romantic spots in Paris”.

We asked our friends from MegaPixels Media who were in Paris to make this photoshoot in Paris… Let’s discover the pictures….

You want to plan your engagement session or your wedding in Paris? Follow the link!


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Getting Married in Paris 53

Getting Married in Paris 54

Getting Married in Paris 55

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Getting Married in Paris 58

Getting Married in Paris 59


Getting Married in Paris 60

Getting Married in Paris 61

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Getting Married in Paris 96

Ceremony Non classé

Which ceremony can I plan?

What an important question…
Which ceremony can you plan in Paris?

If you want to plan a civil ceremony in Paris:

  • you have to live in Paris or have a residence in Paris

If one of you two live in Paris since one month at least, it can be possible to celebrate your wedding in a Parisian City Hall.

But if none of you live in Paris or have a residence in Paris since one month, it won’t be possible to do it in a city hall. However, if one of your parents live in Paris, it would be possible to celebrate your wedding in the City Hall of the parent’s district.

Si vous souhaitez organiser une cérémonie civile à Paris:
  • vous devez vivre ou avoir une résidence à Paris
  • si l’un de vous deux vit à Paris depuis au moins un mois, il sera possible d’organiser la cérémonie civile dans la Mairie de l’arrondissement de résidence.
Mais si aucun de vous deux ne résident à Paris, il vous sera impossible d’organiser une cérémonie civile. Cependant, si l’un de vos parents vit à Paris, il sera possible de célébrer votre mariage dans la Mairie de l’arrondissement de résidence de votre parent. 

<img src="ceremony in paris" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="ceremony in paris">

If you want to plan a symbolic ceremony in Paris

One of the best choices to get married in Paris. Why would you ask me? Because, it will be a ceremony made by you. Also, you will have a lot of choices to choose your ceremony place as Paris is a very big city with parks, rooftops, docks, hidden streets,…

We will propose you an English speaking celebrant (Spanish or Portuguese) for your ceremony. The celebrant will help you to make you perfect ceremony come true!

As the symbolic ceremony has no legal value, you can get married in your city and organize a symbolic ceremony in Paris.


Si vous souhaitez organiser une cérémonie laïque…
L’un des meilleurs choix pour se marier à Paris. Pourquoi me direz-vous? Car la cérémonie est créée par vous-même. Vous aurez un choix important de lieux où organiser votre cérémonie car Paris est une grande ville avec des parcs, des toits/terrasses, des quais, des rues cachées,… 
Nous vous proposerons un officiant parlant français, anglais, espagnol ou portugais pour votre cérémonie. Il pourra vous guider pour créer la cérémonie parfaite! 
Comme la cérémonie laïque n’a aucune valeur juridique, vous pouvez vous marier légalement dans votre ville de résidence et organiser votre cérémonie laïque à Paris. 

If you want to plan a religious ceremony in Paris

It is possible to get married religiously in Paris if you can prove your faith and sacraments. You will have to follow a wedding preparation in your country (depending on your religion).

It would be possible to get married in the American Church.

Si vous souhaitez organiser une cérémonie religieuse… 
Il est possible d’organiser une cérémonie religieuse à Paris en prouvant votre confession et vos différents sacrements. Vous devrez suivre une préparation au mariage depuis votre pays de résidence (en fonction des religions).
Pour un mariage catholique, il est possible de se marier à l’ American Church de Paris. 

<img src="ceremony in paris 2" width="100" height="90" border="0" alt="ceremony in paris 2">

And you, which ceremony do you plan?
In which beautiful location?


Why getting married in Paris?

  • Getting Married in Paris because the City of Love is….

Romantic and elegant: the Louvre, Montmartre’s district, the Pont des Arts, the Seine docks,.. I can give you dozen and dozen of romantic places to celebrate love and get married. All Paris is romanticism, elegance and love.

A secret: everybody knows the big places and districts of Paris but do you know the hidden Paris? The Paris which is well-know by Parisians only

A street-art city: What about its artist-activity? You will find a Paris which is not as well-know as the big places but so incredible and amazing… The cultural Paris!

Romantique et élégant: le Louvre, le quartier de Montmartre, le Pond des Arts, les quais de Seine,… Je pourrai vous donner des dizaines et des dizaines de lieux romantiques pour célébrer l’amour et se marier. Tout Paris n’est qu’amour, élégance et romantisme.
Un secret: tout le monde connait les grands lieux et quartiers de Paris mais connaissez-vous le Paris secret? Ce Paris est uniquement connu des parisiens…
Une ville de street-art: Qu’en est-il de son activité artistique? Vous trouverez un Paris peu connu mais si incroyable et merveilleux… Le Paris culturel! 

  • Thanks to its gastronomy, wines and champagne

We have the chance to have in Paris maybe the best gastronomy in Europe… Thanks to all our “Chefs étoilés”, your lunch/dinner will be delicious: foie gras, oysters, all type of meat, cheeses, pastries and of course… The best champagnes and French wines.

Nous avons la chance d’avoir à Paris peut-être la meilleure gastronomie d’Europe… Grâce aux nombreux Chefs Etoilés, votre déjeuner/diner sera délicieux: foie gras, huîtres, tout type de viande, fromages, pâtisseries et biensûr… Le meilleur champagne et vins français. 
  • You will be the honored guests of incredible venues!

Let’s be the honored guests of gorgeous venues… You will find your perfect wedding venue in Paris because we have all type of venues: private mansions, castles, manors, mills, rooftops, cellars,… We have all type of achitectures, all type of buildings, all type of atmospheres,… Paris will charm you completely!

Soyez les invités privilégiés de lieux de réceptions magnifiques… Vous trouverez le lieu de réception parfait à Paris car nous avons tout type de lieux: hôtels particuliers, châteaux, manoirs, moulins, rooftops, caves,… Tout type d’architecture, tout type de lieux, tout type d’atmosphère,… Paris vous charmera à coup sûr! 


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