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The perfect place for your ceremony in Paris

Your Ceremony in Paris

You are planning to get married in Paris. Here comes the moment to find the perfect place for your  ceremony  in Paris. You want a ceremony that looks like you, then it will be a symbolic ceremony… Yes but where to do it ? Are there laws about it ? Who’s gonna be your celebrant ?

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First of all, some information about the symbolic ceremony…

The symbolic ceremony consists in creating your own ceremony. You choose your texts, your ritual (or not if you don’t want one) and your speakers. The beauty of that kind of ceremony is that it is written by you and your closest relatives, the ceremony will give even more sincerity and emotion to words. The fact that you can choose your celebrant(s) and speakers is also a big advantage for your ceremony : a family’s member, a friend or a professional celebrant.

Your ceremony in Paris : what should you respect ?

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There are many of you who have been asking this important question : is it possible to get married in the most famous places in Paris ? The answer is… YES ! There are no laws which forbid to get married in Paris in a symbolic ceremony. Parks, Monuments, Gardens, … are public places, in France. For example, you can’t rent the Luxembourg Garden or the Seine docks for your wedding. What we offer to our clients is to choose a place in Paris which means something for them, which has a special meaning in their love story for example. Maybe your other half proposed to you at the foot of the Eiffel Tower or in a private room with an incredible view over the city and you would like a reminder of this gorgeous moment in your wedding ? Everything is possible, you can personalize as much as possible your ceremony, starting with the place.

Based on the place you have chosen, your ceremony will take place early morning or at the end of the day or even after lunch. The more your ceremony will be happening around some touristic’s places (the Eiffel Tower, the Sacred Heart, …) the more  it will be important to not get invaded by tourists, regarding the time of your ceremony😝

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Although the places are public spaces, we ask for each ceremony an authorization form to the Paris City Hall and to the Police Prefecture. It is important to inform these two institutions because a big event can take place during your wedding ceremony in Paris which will ruin your ceremony and will bring the Police. To avoid any problem and make your ceremony a perfect and private moment, an authorization form is mandatory. Paris is divided into districts, do not hesitate to get your authorization from the City Hall of the district where your ceremony takes place. Also, a very important point, you should request that form to these two institutions at least three months before your wedding in Paris especially if you have more than 30 guests and need logistical material on the spot. Of course, we can help you in every request by writing and sending them ourselves.

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If you are planning an elopement, it is possible to not ask for this authorization. However, we prefer to get it for each wedding or elopement in Paris for security measures, if you take the time to plan your wedding in the capital.

Your outside ceremony in Paris

You have a lot of choices for outside places. First of all, you have the most famous and symbolic places in Paris : the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadero, the district of Montmartre, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, … These spots receive a lot of tourists so be careful with the crowd the D-Day !

Paris has a lot of gorgeous parks and gardens to plan your ceremony. The most famous are the Tuileries Garden (across from the Pyramid of the Louvre), the Luxembourg Gardens but also the park of the Trocadero (across the Eiffel Tower) or even the Buttes Chaumont Park which will give you an incredible view over Paris with its little romantic chapel.

What about planning your ceremony near the Seine ? The docks Seine offer you wonderful spots and for some of them very intimate ones to get married. Choose the district you like… For example, the docks Seine facing the Notre Dame Cathedral. And what about planning your ceremony in Paris on a boat along the Seine ?

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You also have the possibility to celebrate your ceremony in a street or a passage to give it a street side ! Paris has a lot of very typical Parisian-style streets but also a lot of original streets. Enjoy the sweetness of a Parisian street to plan your ceremony …. Here some examples…

ceremony paris street

ceremony paris street 2

ceremony paris street 3

Your inside ceremony in Paris

Several reasons for an inside ceremony : you have a lot of guests, you are charmed by the beauty of the Parisian architecture, you are coming in December and you are afraid of the cold (and I understand you so much brrrrrr !), …

The main goal is to find the perfect place. Paris owns a lot of venues with rooms which can host your ceremony : A Parisian hotel, a room in a private mansion, private mansions, lofts, …

private room paris                                                                                           ©Salon Arts et Métiers

If you want to have a big view over the City, you can also rent a rooftop to plan your ceremony and/or wedding in Paris. You will enjoy the gorgeous view over the City of Lights by day and night ! What about celebrating your wedding at nightfall with the whole city being illuminated ?


Terrasse hotel raphael                                                                                       ©Hotel Raphael

You have a lot of options… Do not hesitate ! Paris is the City of Love and Lights, It will make your ceremony a romantic and magical moment !

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