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Your wedding venue in Paris

It is one of the most important vendors and so many of them exist in Paris… I am going to tell you everything about finding the perfect venue in Paris for your ceremony but also for your reception venue… Let’s start!

Your ceremony in Paris: the venue!

The ceremony is maybe the most emotional moment of your wedding in Paris. It is the moment where you are going to say “YES” and exchange your vows in front of family and friends or maybe just in front of your love-one if you are planning an elopement.

Even if you can decide to plan your ceremony and reception at the same place, I am going to detailed you some venues for an outdoor and indoor ceremony in Paris.

destination wedding Paris 10

An outdoor ceremony in Paris

If you are planning an elopement, you will be able to plan your ceremony in an outdoor place in Paris. You may have seen a lot of them on Instagram and Pinterest in front of the Eiffel Tower for example… You can decide to plan it in front of the Eiffel Tower, the Carrousel du Louvre, in a dock or one of the most iconic garden in Paris such as Les Tuileries, Parc Monceau,…

However, for a wedding of more than 10 guests, planning a ceremony in a public place can be more difficult. In fact, private ceremonies are not allowed in public spaces in Paris but are quite accepted if you are planning an elopement. That’s why it would be a better idea to plan your ceremony in a private venue with beautiful gardens, there are a lot in Paris…

Alison & Teddy Elopement Paris
Alison & Teddy Elopement Paris

A private venue for your ceremony in Paris

A private venue is also a very romantic idea, even more if you are planning a wedding in winter for example because in France, winters are very different in terms of weather! If you have more than 10 guests, it is also a good point if you want to plan a ceremony outside, in a beautiful garden without having the security and privacy issues.

You will find very beautiful private lofts and mansions in all Paris with different prices. The one with gorgeous views are going to be more expensive for example. It can be a good idea if you want to plan your ceremony in a beautiful Parisian garden.

You can also decide to plan your ceremony in a private room in a restaurant or a private mansion. You will have the chance to find venues with incredible views if you want for example to plan a ceremony in front of the Eiffel Tower. Birgitta and James have decided to plan their wedding but also their ceremony in a private room of a restaurant in an impressive building… Look at those views!

Birgitta & James: @Picturing Love

Your wedding in Paris: the venue!

Now, it is time to choose your wedding reception venue! Maybe one of the most important vendors of your wedding. It is important to have an idea of what you are looking for because in Paris, you have such a number of different venues, so different from each other!

First of all, I recommend you to choose which kind of venue you want: a restaurant, a private mansion, a loft, a typical Parisian apartment,… You have so many options! And to choose also the district you want your wedding to happen because Paris is a big city and depending where your guests are staying or which district you love, the solution will be different.

private room paris

An important point while looking for the perfect venue in Paris is how many hours will you be able to party. In Paris, a lot of venues have some restrictions about noise and parties so don’t hesitate to ask how many hours will you be able to rent the venue, even more if you want to have a big party!

For a venue with more space such as a French Castle , it is possible to rent one but outside Paris. Paris has private manors which look like small castles but for true French Castles you have all the region to find yours!

Being abroad can make not easy the task of finding the venue you always wanted… Give this big task to your wedding planner in Paris, she will be the perfect person to find your venue!

Don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail to find together your wedding venue in Paris! HERE

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Laura & Nile’s wedding in a gorgeous French Castle

destination wedding in France

Today, we want to talk you about this incredible destination wedding in France we had the chance to plan for Laura and Nile.

It was, what we called, an intimate wedding: it means that there were less than 30 guests. The couple had rented a gorgeous French Castle located 3 hours from Paris. The Castle has so many rooms (they look like more suites than rooms!),  everybody was able to stay at the Castle during few days. What a perfect trip to France for a beautiful moment 🙂

Laura & Nile’s destination wedding in France

Laura and Nile wanted to mix the American and French culture for their destination wedding in France. They decided to start their wedding day with the ceremony in the little chapel of the Castle. The fathers were the masters of their religious ceremony. Who more than a father could be the perfect officiant?

wedding ceremony in France

The ceremony was followed by a typical French cocktail in the gardens of the Castle. It wasn’t a sunny day as we wish for every wedding but the sun was there just for the cocktail – thank you Mister Sun! – . Our incredible florist made a floral decoration of the pavilion so the guests can use it as a photooboth. During the cocktail, the couple and the bride & groom’s team made some pictures in front of the Castle as member of the Royalty Family! They made the Castle rock :-p

cocktail party wedding France

destination wedding France 2

destination wedding in France 3

romantic destination wedding in France

The dinner was typical French gastronomy  with a list of 5-course-meal with some famous French dishes such as the French foie gras of course! During the dinner, they enjoyed music with a string quartet in the dining-room of the Castle. The bride’s mother is a professional musician and she enjoyed playing with the quartet such as all the guests!

wedding reception France

destination wedding reception in France

For the dessert, we planned a beautiful arrival in a room for the two cakes: a croquembouche and a Red Velvet wedding-cake. All the guests were invited to go to the dancing room… and two beautiful cakes were waiting for them! After the tasting, the bride starts a very emotional dance with her father who was then followed by her now-husband… From that moment, the dancing party started !

wedding cake France

destination wedding in France 5

We had such a great time planning this gorgeous destination wedding in France for Laura and Nile with our incredible team as always!

Your destination wedding in Paris

If, as Laura and Nile, you want to plan your own destination wedding in Paris or your destination wedding in France, don’t hesitate to contact us!

And to read more about the planning of a destination wedding or elopement in Paris here:

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Photographer: Rebecca Jordan



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