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A wedding website for your destination wedding in Paris

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Hello everybody!

You are looking for a tool to help your guests to plan their trip to your destination wedding. You want something easy to built and easy to read to answer to all your guests questions … The solution? A website for your destination wedding!

Why creating your own website?

Creating the website of your wedding is maybe one of the best tool for your guests and even more for a destination wedding. Planning a destination wedding is a wonderful adventure but your guests have their own planning and needs. They will ask you so many questions: when do I have to take my flight? What hotel do I have to contact? Will I have time to visit the city before the ceremony? … Ok! You know what I mean… Creating your own website will avoid you to answer to all your guests questions!

What do you have to put on your website?

Actually I would say “what do you want to put on your website?”. As each wedding is unique, each website is unique. What we recommend you is to insert the most important information such as:

  • The schedule of the wedding: ceremony/ies, the cocktail,…
  • The important places of your wedding
  • The accommodations for you guests
  • What flight(s) do yo recommend

These information will guide your guests to plan their trip in the most peaceful way (and for you too!).  You can also add ideas to places to visit, the gift list and the RSVP. Putting the RSVP on line can be such a good idea to receive them quickly!

Some engaged couples also decide to create a blog to give more information about the wedding, the preparatives,… to their guests. We love that idea to share with your guests the preparation of your big day! Make them believe they have an important place in your wedding and in your heart 😉

How to create your website?

You have decided to create your wedding website, great! Now, you should decide who is going to create your website.

You have some well-known websites such as the Knot that allow you to create a simple website for your wedding. You won’t have a lot of possibilities but you will be able to make it free and it is very easy.

You can decide to do it yourself because you know a little bit about website creations. Don’t hesitate! Even if it will take you some hours or days to do it, you will see the importance of a website for your destination wedding. Your guests will thank you you!

You can also want a website for your wedding with more possibilities than free websites but you don’t have this talent for creating websites 😉 In this case, you can decide to hire a professional to do it. At DVV Events, I (Amélie) can make your website through WordPress. You can decide all the points of the website, how many categories you want, what do you want to say in it, if you want to introduce an hashtag for your wedding (very successful to have pictures of all your guests after the wedding),… Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested, I will be very happy to help you 🙂

And you, are you going to create your wedding website? Don’t hesitate to comment and share <3

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