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It’s official… You are getting married! But your dream wedding isn’t a wedding with guests, planning a big celebration and having diner with your guests… You just want to get married with your one-love, eyes in the eyes without any guests but only you two. How to do it? Is it possible to get married only you both? Of course it is… And we call it an elopementElopement in Paris.

A… what?

An elopement… What is exactly an elopement? It’s a wedding with only the bride and the groom. This new tendency of the wedding market is growing a lot since a few years. A lot of couple want to get married most of the time in another country or city without any guests, just both of them.

First of all, an elopement is maybe one of the most romantic way to get married. You are going to travel with your better-half to celebrate the love between you both. No guests, no big diner, no big wedding planning, just a celebration of your love and a lunch or a diner for you both, eyes in the eyes. It will be your own secret, your romantic getaway!

The elopement can be also a good idea if you don’t want to spend a lot of money in your wedding. You will be able to plan the wedding of your dream without spending 10 000-20 000€ or more, money you should have spent if you were planning a wedding with guests. For an elopement, we can say you will spend between 20 and 30% over what you will have to spend for a big wedding.

Maybe are you afraid telling to your close relations that they won’t be invited to your wedding because you are going to plan an elopement. You will have to explain them why you are planning an elopement instead of a big wedding. To make everyone happy, you can plan a post-wedding party to celebrate your wedding with your family and friends. It can be a good idea to balance an elopement and a party with your close family and relations for example, less bigger than a big wedding but as important as a celebration with your loved-ones.

Why chosing Paris for your elopement

The City of Love is one of the best places to plan your elopement. It is well-known that Paris is the City of the romanticism and love, a perfect place for your elopement.

We will have a lot of possibilities for your ceremony venue. You can select one of the incredible outside places such as parks and gardens: the Tuileries, the Luxembourg Park, the Buttes Chaumont Park and a lot more… They are perfect places for a green outside ceremony. All Parisian parks have a spot with intimity to plan your ceremony.

For an outside ceremony, the Seine docks can be a good place to have a spot with a lot of romanticism but also with great views over the City. There are also a lot of gorgeous bridges which can be very beautiful places even if you will have to be careful with the crowd. The Bir Hakheim is, for example, a bridge without cars and with a wonderful view over the Seine and the Eiffel Tower.

Then, Paris is full of wonderful and very famous monuments and places: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvres, the Champs-Elysees, the Concorde Place, the Trocadero,… All of these places are perfect places for a romantic and Parisian ceremony but you should be careful with the crowd, you don’t want them to ruin your intimate ceremony 😉 However, if you don’t want to deal with it, you can choose an outside place with an incredible view over your favorite place in Paris: what about a balcony with views over the Eiffel Tower?

You will have also the possibility to choose an inside place. Parisian architecture is amazing. Paris will offer you an intimate room in a private mansion or an hotel to celebrate a romantic ceremony. You can also rent a place with a balcony or a rooftop to have incredible views over the City of Love.

Terrasse hotel raphael

After your romantic ceremony, you can have lunch or diner at a restaurant in Paris. The gastronomy and wines/champagne are wonderful in France, so enjoy it for your elopement in Paris. You can have the possibility to have your lunch/diner in a private room to have a complete intimity during your meal… Un dîner aux chandelles s’il vous plaît?

 How do we work… Your Elopement in Paris

As your wedding-planners, we will plan with you your perfect elopement in Paris. We will help you to find the most beautiful place for your ceremony and your lunch/diner so your elopement will be your romantic day (and of course all the providers you need: photographer, wedding car, hair and make-up artist,…)

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To contact us is the first step, you can send us an e-mail, a What’s App, a Facebook private message, call us,… We will talk about your elopement project and will send you your book of project which will be a description of your elopement in Paris. If you are ready to work with us, we will start your wedding-planning then.

Each elopement or wedding is different from all the other but we have these 3 following packages. It is of course possible to add services or to remove services of each packages :

  • Silver Package: your English speaking celebrant, your symbolic wedding certificate, a photographer during 1 hour, recommendations during your trip in Paris  – 800€
  • Gold Package: your English speaking celebrant, your symbolic wedding certificate, your bridal bouquet and boutonnière, a photographer during 2 hours, your transportation during the photo session to shoot in different areas, the planning of your wedding day,  recommendations during your trip in Paris and the presence of your wedding planner – 1.200€
  • Diamond Package: your English speaking celebrant, your symbolic wedding certificate, your bridal bouquet and boutonnière, your hair and make-up artist, a photographer during 2 hours, a videographer during 2 hours, a wedding car during 4 hours (Limousine, Beetle, 2CV,….), the planning of your wedding day, recommendations during your trip in Paris and the presence of your wedding planner – 2.350€

We will be thrilled to plan the perfect elopement in Paris for your wedding…
Ready to take off to Paris for a romantic getaway?

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