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Your Proposal in Paris planned in a few days…

Hello you,

Today, I have decided to write an article about the proposal of Wouter for his lovely future-wife Sylvie because we had planned it in less than 4 days! What an incredible aventure and a beautiful moment in Paris…

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How did he contact us?

Wouter wrote an e-mail through our lovely blog gettingmarriedinparis 😉 It is the most easy way to contact us quickly if you want to plan a proposal in a few days. Wouter told us that he wanted to plan his proposal in Disneyland Paris as his first idea but he didn’t mind to plan it in Paris. After receiving his e-mail, we send him an e-mail telling him about planning a proposal in Disneyland Paris in such few days…

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What about planning his proposal in Disneyland Paris?

His first idea was to plan his proposal in Disneyland Paris and we loved that idea! We had to explain him how Disneyland Paris deals with proposals. Due to security issues, Disneyland Paris does not accept animations during the opening hours. So, he imagined his proposal in front of the Castle, just before the Disney Illumination Show.

Unfortunately, this day, Disney team has already a press event so it was not possible to plan any proposal…. Very frustrating, isn’t it? So, we send him a book of project with several propositions for his proposal in Paris.

His proposal day!

After sending him his book of project, Wouter agreed to a complete proposition so we prepared everything to make his proposal in Paris as perfect as possible!

He decided to do it early in the morning at Trocadero which was the best idea. The district of Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower is a district very visited, with a lot of tourists and Parisians. If you want to plan your proposal there, we suggest you to do it early in the morning because it is maybe the only moment where you will find this place quite peaceful.

We had to meet our lovely couple near the Eiffel Tower as  photographers and we asked them if we can shoot them. We had pink and white balloons to enjoy that moment too. And Wouter chose this moment to ask her the question.. And YES!! She wanted to marry him 🙂

After that perfect but stressful moment, our photographer Picturing Love, shot them in the district. They also opened a bottle of Champagne to celebrate their engagement! Don’t they seem so happy?

©Picturing Love

What about yours?

If you want to plan your proposal but you have only a few days to prepare it, do not worry, everything is possible. In a few days, we will be able to plan a beautiful proposal in Paris. A photographer is always a good idea to keep a beautiful souvenir from your romantic trip in Paris. But then, you can decide everything depending on your budget. If you have a low budget, you can only ask for a photographer. If you have a higher budget, you can imagine to rent a private terrace, to decorate the place, to book a musician,…

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However, if you want to plan it at Disneyland Paris, you may know that you will need more days to plan your proposal. Disneyland team are very booked so if you want your date to be free, you may ask for it some weeks before.

Ready to plan your proposal? Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be very happy to help you 🙂


Picturing Love

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